"You definitely earned this spot": MasterChef Junior fans congratulate A'Dan on winning immunity

A'Dan from MasterChef Junior (Image via masterchefjunior/Instagram)
A'Dan from MasterChef Junior (Image via masterchefjunior/Instagram)
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The stakes are high on MasterChef Junior as the junior cooks battle it out for a spot in the Top 6. This week, each contestant had to cook with a different egg for a chance at immunity. Much to everyone's surprise, A'Dan Lisaula knocked it out of the park with his spicy Hangtown fry.

A'Dan impressed the judges with his egg-cellent dish and won immunity. Fans who watched the episode applauded the contestant, with many believing that it was a well-deserved win.

Thursday night's episode of MasterChef Junior showcased the contestants taking part in an intriguing immunity challenge. The seven contestants had to choose from seven varieties of eggs that included ostrich, emu, duck, quail, and more. The junior cooks had to choose one egg and whip up a dish that would get them immunity from this week's elimination challenge. While some of the contestants went for eggs they had never cooked before, A'Dan decided to go for the simplest and most often cooked chicken egg.

The six remaining MasterChef Junior contestants showcased their creativity and tried to make the egg the star of their dish. However, the judges chose Grayson, Ava, and A'Dan as the top three.

Grayson chose the goose egg and cooked a steak benedict. He made turmeric poached goose egg, filet mignon, and Espelette Hollandaise in a potato nest. Grayson's steak was well cooked, and the potato nest was crispy, but the egg itself was a little uncooked and runny. Ava made Huevos Ranchos with emu egg, black bean puree, and spicy chipotle aioli. Grayson made a spicy Hangtown fry with scrambled chicken eggs, fried oysters, and hot sauce aioli.

Great Job A’dan 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 You definitely earned this spot!!! #MasterChefJunior

The judges were impressed with every element present in A'Dan's dish. From his presentation to the taste, A'Dan aced every requirement of the challenge. After a brief discussion, the judges came to an agreement and declared the 13-year-old MasterChef Junior contestant the winner of the challenge.

For the elimination challenge, the junior chefs had to test their culinary knowledge with different cuts of steak. As the winner of the egg challenge, A'Dan also got the chance to decide the order in which the contestants would get to choose the steak for the challenge. He picked Molly to go first and put Grayson in the last spot.

Fans who watched this week's episode of MasterChef Junior were impressed with A'Dan's culinary skills during the immunity challenge.

Fans impressed with A'Dan's immunity winning dish on MasterChef Junior

Fans took to Twitter to congratulate the 13-year-old junior cook. Many strongly believed that he deserved to win.

A’dan showed up today! 👏🏾👏🏾 #MasterChefJunior
Look, we all know A’Dan is not a team player when it comes to team competitions. But let’s not act like he didn’t deserve top dish. #MasterChefJunior
I was right that A'dan had the best dish. I still miss when the winner of the challenge got to influence the elimination challenge. #MasterChefJunior
I knew it. A'Dan won the egg challenge 🙌🏽 #masterchefjunior
That's probably A'dan's best dish he's had this entire season. #MasterChefJunior
Yes A’Dan !! Whooo #masterchefjunior

MasterChef Junior airs every Thursday night at 8.00 pm ET only on Fox. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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