"You can't force your pain on everyone else": Kanye tells Jewish people to forgive Hitler in shocking Proud Boys interview

Kanye West asks Jewish people to "forgive" Hitler (Image via Getty Images)
Kanye West asks Jewish people to "forgive" Hitler (Image via Getty Images)

As Kanye West continues spewing his antisemitic rhetoric, he did an interview with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes and left netizens enraged. The rapper demanded that the Jewish people “forgive” Adolf Hitler for the Holocaust. Internet users have since taken to social media to diss the musician.

The interview was held under the alt-right video platform Censored.TV. In the episode titled Saving Ye, McInnes starts off by saying that he wishes to “prevent Ye West from becoming an antisemite or a nazi.” He went on to opine that the current predicament they are facing is “liberal elites of all races” and went on to give examples including Kamala Harris and former president Barack Obama.

After spending the majority of the time denouncing the Jewish community, Kanye West professed his love for “everyone.” He went on to add:

“Jewish people can’t tell me who I can love and who I can’t love. You can’t say… you can’t force your pain on everyone else. Jewish people forgive Hitler today. Let it go. Let it go. Stop trying to force it on other people.”

Netizens put Kanye West on blast after he asked Jews to “forgive” Hitler

Internet users were outraged by the 45-year old’s request. Many took to Twitter to share their experiences of visiting Auschwitz. Unsurprisingly, several netizens stated that the Jews cannot forgive the Nazi leader for the genocide.

Many continued to express concern for the Yeezy-designer’s mental health who has admitted to having bipolar disorder in the past.

A few tweets read:

What else did Kanye West say in the interview?

In the 45-minute episode, Kanye West started off the interview by claiming that his former controversial interview worked in his favor for his upcoming presidential campaign. He went on to blame Jewish people for Hitler’s reputation and compared abortion to “genocide.” He also opined in the interview:

“Jewish people control the majority of the media, along with banks, along with real estate, along with malls.”

West then took to blaming the Jews for promoting p*rn to Americans. He also commented on his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, using p*rn to “sell it.” The Praise God rapper then added that explicit videos “destroyed” his family. West added that women in the adult entertainment industry are “products of p*dophilia.”

During the interview, West also announced that Jews must work for Christians.

When asked whether he had chosen a running mate for his presidential run, West stated that he was considering Candace Owens. The latter recently became a topic of discussion after she sported West’s controversial White Lives Matter t-shirt.

Kanye West’s interview with Gavin McInnes comes after his now-infamous InfoWars show appearance. In the same, the Donda rapper expressed his admiration towards the Nazi leader. Speaking about Hitler, West said:

“This guy invented highways, invented the very microphone that I use as a musician, you can’t say out loud that this person even did anything good, and I’m done with that.”

The rapper went on to add that he thinks that everyone brings value to the table, “especially Hitler.”

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