You season 4, part 2 review: The worst kind of self-discovery?

A still from You (Image via Netflix)
A still from You (Image via Netflix)

It will take a massive series to unseat You as the most consistent guilt-pleasure watch, with Joe Goldberg continuing his wild streak in the second part of You season 4.

Netflix's strategy of splitting shows like Ozark and Stranger Things has worked quite well up to now, but this Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble series may have already fumbled a bit.

With most of the action reserved for the second half of the series, this Netflix series amped up everything quite a bit in the new set of episodes, which premiered on March 9, 2023, a month after the release of the first installment.

A direct narrative continuation, it was only right that the story went sideways quite soon. It was unfortunate that the new beginning at the start of season 4, which brimmed with promise, came to a crashing halt with abrupt twists and cheap tricks to keep viewers invested.

You season 4, part 2 consisted of five episodes and delved into the aftermath of Joe discovering the Eat the Rich killer, who was the crust of the first part's story.

You season 4, part 2 review: Joe's fugue state of errors

For the first time in the history of the long-running series, the first few episodes of season 4 gave some hope that Joe's character will have something more mature. As the second half kicked off with its first episode, these hopes were completely crushed with another wild story spun out of the old weaves.

Joe was revealed to be in a state of fugue, hallucinating entire scenarios and sequences, including his relationship with Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) the entire time. It soon took Joe back to the old state, which some may enjoy, but took away any real chance of the series transcending its over-the-top approach to crime and criminality.

The season, though, deserves plaudits for its exceptionally tight plot and pacing. With so much happening, it again succeeded with flying colors at the thing it does best. It was another perfect binge-watch-worthy set of episodes with barely any breathing space in between. It just lacked the initial intrigue and drama of true redemption that the first part promisingly offered.

On the positive side, this was Penn Badgley's most ambitious role yet. The actor had already achieved a great deal while playing Joe Goldberg's psychotic self, but this season saw him outdo all his previous roles to create something magical. A character like manic Joe, who is struggling with his own identity and new discoveries, provides Badgley with the stage he needs to showcase his exceptional talents.

The second part was also narratively fluid and would cater to an average viewer quite well with its various subplots, swift returns of other characters, and the lingering tension that has become synonymous with the series. Unfortunately, it was nothing better than the previous seasons of You.

The ending of this season was also perhaps the weakest in the long line of twisted endings, with Goldberg being more aimless than ever in the wake of all the jaw-dropping revelations and unbelievable occurrences.

Even though You won't become as popular as Breaking Bad, it gave the audience what they wanted anyway.

You season 4, part 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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