Deji dominates Fousey to secure his first ever professional boxing win 

Boxing in London - KSI v Wassabi
Boxing in London - KSI v Wassabi

Deji aka ComedyShortsGamer has recorded his first ever win inside the boxing ring in stunning fashion. The YouTuber turned boxer was fighting on the undercard of his brother KSI's 2 Opponents in One Night card. He fought the American YouTuber Fousey, real name Yousef Saleh Erakat, who looked to be in the shape of his life, and promised ComedyShortsGamer he was going to punish him.

For the first time before a fight, the Brit looked relaxed and composed and the commentary team noticed it immediately. TrueGeordie, who is close to the Olatunji brothers, also remarked that he had never seen the Brit so calm. His calmness paid off in the ring as he destroyed his opponent with counters, showing excellent boxing skills.

ComedyShortsGamer looked much better and sharper than his opponent from the start. Fousey seemed slow and tended to telegraph every punch he threw. The Brit, on the other hand, showed excellent head movement and counter punching with a solid jab. KSI's younger brother knocked the American YouTuber down in the very first round. His jabs were very effective, giving his opponent a swollen eye.

In the second round, Deji pressed the action and went in for the finish. A quick one-two that ended with a jab straight to the face stunned Fousey. The referee separated the fighters and gave the American a standing eight count. As soon as the fight resumed, Erakat's corner threw in the towel.

Deji calls out Bryce Hall for a fight

The entire crowd was on their feet during the entire fight between Deji and Fousey, cheering on his every advance. After securing the first win of his career, the Brit decided to call out American TikTok star and controversial social media influencer Bryce Hall. TrueGeordie asked ComedyShortsGamer if he wanted to call anyone out, and the Brit replied saying:

"Whoever, I wanna fight anyone, and I know Bryce Hall's there. So Bryce Hall do you wanna fight? Let's go."

Bryce Hall has previously called out ComedyShortsGamer's elder brother KSI on multiple occasions. However, following his loss to Austin McBroom, 'JJ' completely shut down the idea of fighting the American. Olatunji could be the perfect next opponent for Bryce Hall, who is himself looking for his first ever win inside the boxing ring.

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