Is Mike Tyson selling ear-shaped weed edibles through his company?

Mike Tyson (left); ear-shaped edibles launched by Tyson 2.0 (right). Image via. Instagram/Tyson2.0
Mike Tyson (left); ear-shaped edibles launched by Tyson 2.0 (right). Image via. Instagram/Tyson2.0

After a world-class career as a boxer, Mike Tyson has now entered the entrepreneurial world.

Tyson owns a multimillion-dollar cannabis company that sells a wide range of products, including his personal favourites, Flowers, edibles, beverages, and pre-rolls. A recent addition to its collection is the ear-shaped edibles.

The edible ear-shaped product labeled as 'Mike Bites' is based on his infamous 1997 incident where 'Iron Mike' bit rival Evander Holyfield's ear during their world heavyweight championship rematch. While Tyson was disqualified on the spot, he however did take advantage of the publicity that the incident received to launch his latest product.

Tyson's company will sell marijuana strains, pre-rolls, beverages, and a variety of other products under the brand 'Mike Bites.' He is said to earn a whopping $1 million per month from the sale of these products.

Mike Tyson is unlikely to return to the ring again.

Mike Tyson retired from professional boxing in 2005, following a TKO loss to Kevin McBride in the sixth round of the fight. He surprised everyone when he announced a comeback in 2020 to fight Roy Jones Jr. The exhibition match was televised as a pay-per-view event.

The event was considered a smashing hit, as it made a whopping 1.6 million pay-per-view buys. The two legends fought to a split draw in the main event, however, 'Iron Mike' was praised for his performance. Soon after the event, the fighter also mentioned his willingness to fight more exhibition matches in the future.

While appearing on a recent episode of the Full Send podcast, Mike Tyson discussed his future plans on entering the ring. During the conversation, Tyson announced that he is most likely done with boxing and is not planning to enter the ring anytime soon.

He said:

"Guys want to fight me for $100 million bucks, I don't think I'll ever do stuff like that anymore. I wanted to do it the first time just for fun, just to have fun and then some people took it to another level and made it financial and then the fun went out of it."

Watch 'Iron Mike' on the Full Send podcast in the video below:


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