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10 Best Kurt Angle TNA Matches

Some all-time classics
Some all-time classics
David Cullen
Modified 11 Apr 2019
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As of Sunday, April 7, 2019, Kurt Angle has wrestled for the final time. Angle is arguably the greatest in-ring performer in the history of professional wrestling. He quickly adapted amateur and Olympic style wrestling to professional wrestling like a hand goes to a glove. The 'Olympic Hero' has wrestled some of the greatest matches in history of WWE with the likes of The Rock, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar and many more.

However, not all of Angle's best matches have come from working under Vince McMahon. Between late 2006 until early 2016, Kurt Angle wrestled some of the best matches ever witnessed in TNA Impact Wrestling. Angle took TNA to all new heights when he joined them and the Nashville based group were never the same again. Angle brought out the best in the original Impact performers there before him and former WWE stars who came after.

As I previously looked over the top 10 best matches Kurt Angle ever had in WWE, I have decided to celebrate his retirement by looking over the top 10 best TNA Impact Wrestling matches in the career of Kurt Angle. It's true, it's damn true! 

#10 Kurt Angle vs. Rhino vs. Christian Cage - TNA Impact June 28, 2007

This one match needed one whole show
This one match needed one whole show

Hailing from the Impact Zone in Orlando, this triple threat World Championship match pitting Champion Kurt Angle against Rhino and Christian Cage, lasted almost the entire episode.

This was back when Impact was just one hour long, and with the opening videos packages and commercials taken into account, that left this match lasting just over 30 minutes. In my opinion, this is probably the best wrestling match in weekly Impact history, excluding the wacky 'Deletion' episodes of course.

Each man got his time to shine. Some double team from Cage and Rhino on Angle and Cage and Angle on Rhino, each man hit their key moves, with interference from Samoa Joe, Abyss, AJ Styles, Tomko, Chris Harris and Sting. Angle pinned Rhino with an Angle Slam to retain his Championship.

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Published 11 Apr 2019, 01:46 IST
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