10 Wrestlers who deserve a push

Dolph Ziggler has been with the WWE since 2004
Dolph Ziggler has been with the WWE since 2004
Modified 06 Mar 2019
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In professional wrestling jargon, getting a 'push' refers to being moved up the card, ie being pushed to the top. It is a seemingly endless topic of conversation for fans, critics, and journalists.

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Often times these conversations are quite biased by those making the arguments, but it is possible to look at wrestlers objectively and conclude that they deserve a bigger part of the show.

Pro wrestling promotions often have a quite daunting task. They must continuously build up new stars to replace those who are aging out or have gone stale, while simultaneously trying to honour their veteran talents and utilizing them to the best of their ability.

Much of the criticism against wrestling promotions is actually quite unfair and represents a lack of understanding on the part of the critic.

But on the other hand, sometimes it seems like the fans know something the promoters do not. Some particular wrestlers are much more over with the crowd than their position on the card would otherwise indicate.

Here are ten wrestlers--and a few tag teams--that definitely deserve a major push by the promotions they work for.

#1 Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews has been with WWE since 2015
Apollo Crews has been with WWE since 2015

Real Name: Sesugh Uhaa

Height and Weight: 6'1" 260 lbs.

Years in the business: 8 (journeyman.)

Apollo Crews cut his teeth working for the Dragongate promotion, which displays a fondness for strong style and is the previous home of numerous current WWE stars such as Daniel Bryan.

He worked for the promotion as well as various independent organizations under the ring name "One Man Nation" Uhaa Nation. He was a tag team champion in Dragongate and was voted the best rookie of 2011 by that organization.

Crews then joined the WWE and was very impressive in his two-year stint with NXT. Apollo came up short in a title match against Finn Balor.

He was elevated to the main roster and joined Raw, but since has done little of note, and occupies a low spot on the card.

Why he deserves a push: Apollo Crews is the perfect hybrid of power wrestling and high flying ability.

His standing moonsaults and shooting star presses are almost unheard of from a man his size. The only thing hurting Crews right now is his deplorable win/loss record, which a push would nicely eliminate.

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Published 06 Mar 2019
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