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2 matches we would want to see on AEW and 1 we don't want to see

Amit Shukla
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2.11K   //    14 Jan 2019, 18:24 IST

With so many names already being a part of the roster, who's next?
With so many names already being a part of the roster, who's next?

All Elite Wrestling was announced at the stroke of the New Year, and since the announcement, the wrestling industry has not been the same. With so many names already being a part of the roster, and a lot more joining the promotion in weeks to come, the company is indeed going to give the fans some of the best performers in the wrestling business.

Cody Rhodes was once associated with the WWE, but ever since the younger son of 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes has started his own wrestling promotion, a lot has changed. The world of professional wrestling has been constantly buzzing since the announcement of AEW, and it seems like we will have some more names joining this new promotion.

With a talent of such great proportion, and with the company still growing, we may see some great matches in the promotion, but there are some matches we wouldn't want to see.

In this article, I list 3 matches we would like to see, and two matches we wouldn't want to see in the promotion.

(Please note: With wrestlers still joining the company, these matches are merely speculative).

#1 Want to see: PAC vs John Morrison

Can this become a reality?
Can this become a reality?

While this match sounded only possible in 2K16, it can actually see fruition in AEW. The promotion is ready for some intense matches, and with these two high-flyers joining the roster, this match can happen sooner or later.

PAC would serve as the perfect opponent for John Morrison. With many high-flying moves in their arsenal, we can rest assured that these two will bring the house down. A good fight will have a better response from fans, and no wrestling fan will deny a good match.

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