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3 Reasons Why Adam Page Should be the face of AEW

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16 Jan 2019, 13:09 IST

The Hangman cometh!
The Hangman cometh!

As the new year settles in, the biggest buzz word in the wrestling industry remains AEW even after its scintillating rally officially declaring it a reality. That Cody Rhodes and Young Bucks have gone into business for themselves is fascinating no doubt.

Yet at its nascent stage, the company is already looking at a daunting task on how to build and sustain beyond the three-year grace period, fans and the industry might provide it. Not to say anything of billionaire Tony Khan.

While AEW got a grand boost from the backing of the Jaguars owner and the presence of the legendary Chris Jericho, questions remain about Kenny Omega's status with his Elite friends and whether the company can fill an able roster around him.

It's clear AEW will either need a major face barring a part-time Jericho or any way past prime legend like Goldberg, to anchor their ship.

If not the buzziest wrestler in the world Kenny Omega, then who props up the question. As frustrated as Cody may have been by his own positioning in the WWE, he's too calculating a businessman to foolishly make himself the top face of his own company and send it down a deep rabbit hole, much like Jeff Jarett would have done with TNA.

Yet what if AEW and the Elite looked past the Kenny's and Jericho's of the world and instead cultivated a homegrown star of their own.

Someone they are close to, can trust and anchor this ship on his back. Someone who is a popular face, part, and parcel within their group so as to be trusted not to get swayed away and most importantly someone who has the potential for bigger and better in years to come.

That someone is none other than Adam Page, the fringe Elite member is the perfect candidate to carry the relatively young company on his shoulders and hopefully backed by a stellar cast, propel it to new heights.

Signs from the AEW rally already point to this, we're just here to add fuel to that fire and so here are three points as to why Adam Page is the future of AEW. 


#3 He's Improved Leaps and Bounds

In some ways ALL IN's match of the night
In some ways ALL IN's match of the night

A couple of years ago had Adam Page stood on the podium jawing on about being a future world champion and building AEW for the fans, he would get booed out of the building or worse of faced no real reaction.

It was in 2016 when the man who would be known as Hangman joined the Bullet Club with nothing much going for him, it was another body in a growing group of degenerates.

It seemed like Page had a place as the American version of Bullet Club's new jobber, much like Yujiro Takahashi back in Japan.

Yet with the Hangman persona and close proximity to the ELITE especially the Young Bucks, Page started to develop a character and grow dimensions to him on Being the ELITE. It added a benefit that his Bullet Club partnership allowed him to head East.

In the ring, Page hadn't been much of a dazzler, he's still the same hard-hitting brawler as before yet the mix of his character and exposure around the world and the Club has begun to see him improve in unbelievable ways in the past year and a half. At the age of 27, Page is at the pinnacle of his game improving with each second.

On an ALL IN card that saw an emotional tribute to Dusty Rhodes by Cody, a set of veritable dream matches for the ELITE members, it was Page and Joey Janela's hard-hitting hardcore match that a lot of fans were left in awe off.

Page's early year match with Ibushi in 2018, to his first G1 Climax run, had seen him positioned as a top star for both ROH/NJPW. Now he can take that ball and run with it in All Elite Wrestling. 

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