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3 Reasons WWE Putting NXT head to head against AEW is a good idea, and 3 Reasons it may not be

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19 Aug 2019, 04:54 IST

AEW or NXT? Which promotion will win the fan
AEW or NXT? Which promotion will win the fan's interest when they go head to head?

The trigger has been pulled, and it looks like the opening skirmishes in a new wrestling war could soon begin. But is WWE right to pit its NXT brand against the upstart AEW in a head to head competition?

Nearly twenty years have passed since the end of the great Monday Night War. Long-time wrestling fans remember the competition between WWE and rival WCW as one of the most exciting and unpredictable periods in sports entertainment.

For nearly three years WCW's Monday night broadcast, Nitro, defeated WWE's RAW program. A major impetus of this was the NWO, but an often overlooked component was the tag-along National Wrestling Alliance fandom.

Ted Turner had purchased Jim Crockett Productions in the early 1990s, setting the stage for the Monday Night War. JC Productions owned many of the NWA territories in the south-east and the contracts of those athletes. So when NWA stars like Sting, the Steiner Brothers, and Eddie Gilbert jumped to WCW, their fans jumped along with them.

WCW made major power moves to get a leg up on their competition. They hired former WWE champions Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and brought WWE and NWA champion Ric Flair into the fold. They brought in international talents, such as Ultimo Dragon and Eddie Guerrero.

And they put their Monday night broadcast right in the same time slot as Raw. The head to head competition was a first for the wrestling industry.

History tells us that WWE defeated and purchased their rival. Now, however, it looks like a new wrestling war is brewing, and it looks to be happening on Wednesday night this time around.

Rumours have it that WWE will pit their NXT brand up against AEW in head to head competition. If this turns out to be true, it would mean the foundation of pro wrestling would be shaken once again.

But is it a good idea on WWE's part? Here are three reasons why, and three reasons why not.


Good Idea #1. NXT wrestlers are equal in skill to AEW talent

NXT stars Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano collide in mid-air during dual cross body attempts.
NXT stars Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano collide in mid-air during dual cross body attempts.

All Elite Wrestling features some of the best pro wrestlers on the planet on their roster. Men like Pentagon Jr., Chris Jericho, and the Best Bout Machine himself, Kenny Omega.

These men are capable of putting on five-star matches at the drop of a hat, and their blistering and marathon-style has reinvigorated a flagging pro wrestling market.

But the fact remains that NXT wrestlers are just as good as what AEW has to offer. The Undisputed Era alone contains four wrestlers who could hang with Omega move for move, counter for counter.

By putting their best and brightest upcoming talent against AEW, WWE has made a smart decision to try and lure fans away from the AEW product.

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