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5 Superstars who need better storylines

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The Undertaker and Kane had one of the best storylines of the Attitude era

Gimmicks and storylines are integral to Pro Wrestling. It is, in fact, the reason why pro-wrestling is so intensive on the entertainment factor and maintains a strong fan base.

While gimmicks are an important part in the development of a character, it is up to the storylines that keep the flow of action running and keep the fans engaged. It has always been particularly noticeable in the WWE with the fans being highly engaged in the course of action and idolizing superstars on the basis of their gimmicks.

Who can ever forget the moment when Kane made his debut as the mentally unstable younger brother of the Undertaker? Who can ever forget the shock waves that were sent through the WWE universe when Hulk Hogan turned face? Who can ever forget Stone Cold Steve Austin's 3:16 speech?

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The feud between Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy appears to be shaping up pretty well

While it is absolutely justified when someone says that it is not possible to create such moments every now and then, it is true that there should be some course of action where the audience is kept engaged. While we did see quite a threeway feud unfolding with Randy Orton Viciously attacking Jeff Hardy after his match against Shinsuke Nakamura, we would like to see a few more such feuds and storylines. While the WWE universe was particularly excited to witness Randy Orton in a role that he fits best in, we would like to see a few more storylines.

#5 Drew McIntyre

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Drew McIntyre is currently one of the best performers on the roster

One of the things that the WWE universe would unanimously agree to is the fact that Drew McIntyre is currently one of the best performers on the RAW roster. To be honest, he has always been.

If we were to take into account his earlier run, no one really liked how he was treated by WWE creative. For someone who was once hailed as 'The Chosen One', the WWE universe was particularly upset when he was reduced to a mere joke as a part of 3 MB.

However, with his exit from the company in 2014, he re-established himself as a prime player in the independent circuit as Drew Galloway.


His subsequent stint in Impact Wrestling was particularly noteworthy and his return to the WWE can be considered to be a continuation of that same persona.

However, in spite of the great performances that he has been putting up, (his match against Seth Rollins the last week for example or his performance in the triple threat this week) WWE creative does not seem to have any direction to lead him.

He has since been relegated to being Dolph Ziggler's sidekick which has not been doing him any favour. Although the emergence of a divide between him and Ziggler seems evident (It is generally how such tag teams come to an end), it would be wise for the WWE not to delay it for too long.

We have seen in his earlier stint that he carries the IC title really well and had some tremendous storylines with the title being the centre. That being said, it is high time that the WWE put him in some meaningful feuds and storylines (we saw the kind of magic he created against Rollins) and avoid letting such a talent go to waste yet again.

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