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5 WWE Superstars who are now with GFW/Impact in non-wrestling capacities

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image via Pritchard has been a fairly steady contributer to the promotion behind the scenes.
Pritchard has been a fairly steady contributor to the promotion behind the scenes.

GFW/Impact Wrestling continues to create different and interesting matches, and are just as committed to creating new stars as they are to bringing in former WWE talent in different roles with the company. While former WWE stars such as Alberto El Patron, Matt Sydal, and Lashley are currently in prominent positions on the GFW roster, they aren’t the only former WWE employees with notable roles in the promotion. These are people that hold a role in the company that fans are likely to see each and every week.

Whether they are commentators, referees, judges, or part of the management team, they all contribute to helping make GFW a success. They are integral to the growth of the company in their different positions. Who are these former WWE employees that are just as much, or more, a part of GFW today as they were during their time in WWE? Here are five WWE superstars who are now with GFW but aren’t among their superstars.

#5. Earl Hebner

images via Hebner was a mainstay in the WWE for years and has now made GFW/Impact home.
Hebner was a mainstay in the WWE for years and has now made GFW/Impact home.

Someone who is often forgotten is referee Earl Hebner. Hebner became notable during his time in WWE for a number of different reasons. During his early years, he was a part of the infamous twin referee storyline that involved Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan, along with his brother Dave. However, this isn't the only instance where Hebner was part of a storyline, and he was, in fact, part of one of the most controversial moments in WWE history, the Montreal Screwjob. On that evening, Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart for the WWE championship, after Hebner called for the bell, despite Hart not surrendering to the sharpshooter that was being applied by Michaels.

After Hebner's departure from WWE, he joined GFW/Impact wrestling and has in fact gone into the promotion's Hall of Fame. He has been with the company for many years, and in fact was part of a storyline that featured a screwjob finish to a match, though this time it was a planned storyline element. Despite some controversial moments in a long career, Hebner is still recognized both for his time in WWE and now in GFW/Impact.

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