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7 of the The Miz's most awesome moments

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The  Miz
The Miz

From the halls of Reality Television he came, with a chip on his shoulder and rad pants on his legs.

Mike Mizanin was, unlikely though it may seem, interested in a business career and enrolled in college to pursue that dream. However, when the chance to appear in MTV's The Real World came knocking, Miz didn't hesitate to drop out of the university and enter the world of reality television.

Mike Mizanin proved to be a canny presence on television, and while he was mostly a laid-back, peaceable fellow, he would sometimes adopt the alter ego of 'The Miz.' The Miz was loud, arrogant, obnoxious, and insufferable. Mike Mizanin, a longtime wrestling fan, realized the Miz persona would be a great heel.

Fast forward to the 2004 edition of Tough Enough, MTV's reality show competition where the winner would be awarded a WWE contract. Though he would lose the competition to Daniel Puder--who is most famously known for 'shooting' on Kurt Angle in an unprofessional manner--The Miz garnered enough interest from WWE that they offered him a developmental contract.

The rest, as they say, is history. Here are seven of the Miz's most awesome career moments.

#7 The object of Extreme Expose's desire

The Miz as 'chick magnet'

While the Miz debuted on Smackdown in 2007, he was quickly moved down to the "c" show, ECW on Sci Fi, mostly because he was still fairly green between the ropes.

On ECW, his outrageous persona was allowed to shine as he became the object of Extreme Expose's affections. He even challenged CM Punk for the ECW title at Cyber Sunday in a losing effort.

Though the Miz failed to win championships at the early stage, the charisma and presence that would propel him forward was on full display.

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