AEW vs WWE: Return of the Monday Night Wars

Monday Night War, the historical rivalry
Monday Night War, the historical rivalry

Wrestling used to be completely different from what it is now in the 90s when the Monday Night Wars kept people glued to their seats.

The momentum used to shift in those days from one to another owing to greater competition and animosity between the two wrestling camps, Ted Turner’s WCW and Vince McMahon’s WWE.

The Monday Nitro colliding heads on with Monday Night RAW was a great phenomenon. The shows used to be rawer in wrestling, great promos, and cutting-edge storylines. The wrestlers in those days were legends, on another level.

The two wrestling houses tried everything to set the momentum towards them, whether it be grabbing the contracts, throwing wrestlers from cages, stinging them with a Taser or even declaring the results of other show’s pre-taped show (that backfired, though).

All that was pure competition which not only forced the companies to think out of the box but also helped to boost the quality of content.

But after the demise of WCW, WWE has had more like a monopoly in the wrestling business. There were times when some promotions emerged on the scene but failed due to lack of creativity and proper funding.

A few are still running, and trying to give some competition like the Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground, NJPW and Impact Wrestling which almost tried to match the WWE’s ratings.

There was a lack of any proper competition and hence WWE’s content quality has gone down with the recent droppings in the ratings. The wrestling business needs some competition for all those glory days to be back.

Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks have recently started the new promotion AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and have proved earlier that they can offer great content and matches on a grand level in the event All In.

The AEW has announced some great talents as a part of their roster with Cody and Young Bucks themselves, Adam Hangman page and PAC (previously known as Neville in WWE).

These are all great talents and fresh faces and can do wonders in the game. AEW also has some great backing where the funding is concerned is funded by Jaguars’ owner Shahid Khan and co-founded by his son, Tony Khan an avid wrestling fan.

The recent rally held by AEW in the same place where SmackDown was scheduled only show their determination.

They announced their first main event in May titled as “Double or Nothing”. The rally’s highlight was the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, Chris Jericho, who came out to a huge ovation and signed a contract with AEW.

He is for sure going to bring the audience with him and sprinkle his magic on the already talented camp of AEW.

AEW is also in high spirits with the news coming out that the Kenny Omega could sign with them. The promotion is all packed with and all the explosives required to bring a blast to the wrestling world.

WWE is a huge brand by itself and more of a world. They have also started the changes within themselves and have started some great storylines and great matchups.

All we can hope as wrestling fans is for these two promotions to have a cut-throat competition so that we all can live the Monday Night Wars all over again.

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Edited by Alan John
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