Exclusive Interview With Lex Luger on Pro Wrestle Fest nWo Reunion, WBF, Lex Express Bus, and More

Lex Luger in his WolfPac attire
Lex Luger in his WolfPac attire

While at a meet in greet at Heroe's Hideout in Albany, New York. I had the chance to interview wrestling legend, Lex Luger. During the interview, we talked about his different personas from "The Narcissist," the Four Horsemen and nWo Wolfpac.

SK: As part of Jim Crockett's promotions and World Championship Wrestling, you're a (2) time heavyweight champion, (2) T.V champion, (5) United States champion, (3) tag team champion, winner of the Jim Crockett Memorial Cup with Sting, and 4th ever WCW Triple Crown ever. With that list of accomplishments, did you ever feel discouraged that WWF never put a title on you?

Luger: "Not at all. I look back at my fifteen-year career with great memories. I worked with probably almost virtually every top performer of my era, and I don't look at what I didn't accomplish. Just look at the list of stuff you mentioned. I'm thrilled and honored to be able to have that kind of career for fifteen years looking back now."

SK: Lex, you were part of stables like The Four Horsemen, Dungeon of Doom, and the nWo Wolfpac. Is there one you favor more and why?

Luger: "They were all fun. I would say I have a special place in my heart for The Four Horsemen because I had just gotten into wrestling for a year. That was my first huge opportunity. Talk about opportunities right? I got to work with Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard. Arn Anderson, J.J Dillion. That was just an incredible experience. So that stands out me of the ones you mentioned.

The nWo Wolfpac was during the Monday Night Wars. That was during a time the business with WWE and us was at its peak. That was a fun time. I have great memories of that as well."

SK: Did you enjoy the World Body Federation?

Luger: "Oh, I loved it. I loved working out. I was like, "You're going to pay me to workout?" So I was like, wow! I'm all over that. It's unfortunate I had that motorcycle accident right before the contest. No one ever saw me, but I was actually in the best shape of my entire life. I wish I could've shown it off. I loved doing that, are you kidding me?

So we're traveling all the time, wrestling, and let me get this right, you're going to pay me to stay at home and workout at the gym? So I go, "Yeah, I'm in."

SK: Who came up with "The Narcissist" in WWF and did you enjoy the character?

Luger: "I did! Vince McMahon came up with it along with the creative team. Back then, they told me it fit me in my real life character naturally. So I'm like, is that a compliment? I had fun with it. I wish they would've developed it a little longer because that's how much I enjoyed it, it's fun being a heel. It's much easier to get people to like you than it is to not like you."

SK: Hogan left WWF, and the company repacked you with nicknames like "Made in the USA," and "The All-American." WWF turned you into their main event scene, and on July 4th you slammed Yokozuna after many wrestlers and other professional athletes could. Did you feel WWF didn't capitalize on you beating Yokozuna for the title?

Luger: "I didn't feel that way at the time because I didn't know where they were going to go from there. I felt like the SS Intrepid set up was fabulous. The tour was very successful as far as the bus tour meeting fans all over the country, doing signings, there were lines. They did that very well.

As far as the actual SummerSlam, I didn't know where they were going to go with that. They said I'd probably have a rematch at WrestleMania the following year if they ever were. there was never a promise, contrary to what people ask me all the time, there was never a promise for the title.

I never thought at the time, "Oh wow, they blew that." It didn't cross my mind. It might have crossed other peoples minds, but not mine. "

SK: How jealous was everyone that you got your own tour bus?

Luger: "Hahahahahahaha you know, I wasn't around the guys much that summer, so that would be a good question for those guys. I was enjoying it though."

SK: In an interview, I did with Tatanka, he said he loved his feud with you and turning heel. As to being, "The All-American" and Tatanka being Native American did you enjoy being in that feud and did it cause any controversy?

Luger: "No, there was no controversy. I enjoyed working with him. It was great.

SK: You won your first Heavyweight Championship in WCW against Barry Wingham due to the title being vacant with Flair taking it to WWF. An unfortunate event happened where you had already fulfilled your dates in your contract. Did WCW attempt to renegotiate your contract and what did you do with all that time off?

Luger: "I did enjoy time off, but I loved wrestling. Our schedule was rigorous, so time off was always a special thing because I had a family. I had a wife and two kids at home.

At that point behind the scenes, I was already leaving. Shortly after the title reign, I negotiated that I was going to leave WCW. So they signed me for a Japan show, and it was a rematch with Sting. They paid me very well for that.

My contract was up in February, and Japan's big Tokoyo Dome event was in January. We came back, and Sting won the title in Milwaukee. My contract was already up, so the pay was separate for the one in Japan and in Milwaukee. "

SK: August 4th, 1997, on Nirto you defeated Hogan for the title. Sadly, you lost it five days later to Hogan at Road Wild. Your victory marked the first time in a year WCW won the title back from the nWo. How did it feel that WCW have you be the one to show the nWo did have some weakness?

Luger: "I was in shock. I guess the masterminds felt fans needed something because they laid us out week, after week, after week, which worked tremendously. However, they wanted to give the fans what we call, "give them a bone," to bridge the gap between then and when Sting was going to come back. That's an honor. I was hand-picked to do it. It was an honor.

SK: You joined the nWo Wolfpac which is one of the most popular factions of all time. How's it feel joining Pro Wrestle Fest and the largest nWo reunion?

Luger: "That's going to be great. I'm looking forward to that March 2nd, for sure."

SK: In 1987, in Florida, you wrestled Bruiser Brody in a cage match where he was no selling, and you walked away. Why did he stop? Is it the reason you walked away from the match?

Luger: Behind the scenes I was scared, but I asked Brody, "Why?" He was as nice as could be and said, "Look, man, I'm a heel going babyface, and you're a babyface going heel with The Crocketts. It's been on TV and it's been a long day."

We'd like to thank Heroe's Hideout for allowing us to interview Lex Luger. You can also listen to the audio of the interview below.


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