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Impact Wrestling Results (1/11/2019)

Brandon Ewing
2.55K   //    12 Jan 2019, 15:47 IST

Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling

Welcome to this week's edition of Impact Wrestling. It is a new era and some would say a "new day", for Impact. The weekly episodic series makes its debut on Pursuit and TwitchTV all across the globe. No excuses. No reason not to watch Impact Wrestling any more. One way or the other, you have access from your television screen, phone, tablet, computer, gaming device. You now have all the options to tune in and check out the show. Sportskeeda will have you covered each and every week with your weekly dose of Impact Wrestling immediately following the conclusion of each show. So, without any further ado, let's get started!

Johnny Impact/Killer Kross/Brian Cage segment

We kick things off tonight with Johnny Impact coming down to ringside to cut a promo about the events of Impact: Homecoming, which concluded with an attack by Killer Kross after Johnny successfully defended his championship against “The Machine” Brian Cage. He is interrupted by Brian Cage, who makes the claim that he should be the rightful Impact Wrestling World Champion. Killer Kross makes his way down to ringside next, which triggers Johnny Impact to drop Brian Cage with a Superkick, followed up by a Diving Crossbody Splash over the top rope to the floor on Killer Kross. After the scuffle, Impact is laid out by Brian Cage, who stands over him and holds the Impact World Championship high in the air as we cut a commercial break.

As we come back from break. Johnny Impact is being tended backstage by Impact Wrestling officials. He says he will give Cage what he wants and that’s a rematch for the Impact World Title, but he wants to take out Killer Kross first. We then go to ringside for our first match of the night.

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