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Impact Wrestling Results (June 7th, 2019): The Rascalz shock LAX, a huge return turns the Knockouts division upside down

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The Rascalz planned on scoring a huge upset and their first championship win in the main event
The Rascalz planned on scoring a huge upset and their first championship win in the main event

Tonight, after weeks of hard work and conditioning, The Rascalz would finally get a shot at LAX and the Impact World Tag Team Championship. Des and Wentz would have the chance to knock off arguably the greatest tag team on the planet.

Sami Callihan and the rest of oVe continued to disgust the Impact fans as they attempted to put an end to Scarlett Bordeaux's escapades. We also saw the return of a legendary knockout, which changed the landscape of the Knockouts Division, even catching the Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie, off guard.

Ace Austin vs Cousin Jake

The Ace of Impact took on newcomer Cousin Jake in the opening contest
The Ace of Impact took on newcomer Cousin Jake in the opening contest

Ace Austin was picked up like a child by the muscle of the Deaners, Cousin Jake, and placed into the corner. Austin tried to roll away and take out his legs with a drop toe hold, but Jake managed to stay on his feet. A kick to the back of the leg and a running dropkick nearly brought him down.

Jake finally went down with a Hurricanrana, though as Austin followed up with a clothesline in the corner, Jake caught him and turned it into a spin out back suplex. Austin slipped outside, and Jake chased him in and out of the ring.

Austin avoided two attacks on the apron and stunned Jake with a running punt to the jaw. Though he was staggered, he managed to catch Austin as he dove, and was slammed on the apron. Jake followed up with a leaping running dropkick to the gut. Back in the ring, Austin kicked out at two.

Austin wrapped himself up in the turnbuckle to avoid a running splash. However, Jake recovered and batted him out of the sky with a double ax handle. Austin tossed a card at Cody Deaner, forcing him up on the apron where the ref tried to keep him out of the ring. With that, Austin took out another card and cut the inside of Jake's fingers.


A springboard leg drop across a bent over Jake almost gave him the win. Austin began targeting the right arm, stomping on it and locking him in a hammerlock. After a few minutes, Jake overpowered Austin and tossed him overhead to escape. Austin rocked him with a spinning back kick and the double leg facebuster. The fold was countered with a stiff clothesline, though, giving Jake some time to catch his breath.

Cody Deaner cheered on his cousin as Austin struggled to make it to his feet. Austin avoided two strikes and a clothesline, but Jake held onto his arm, bringing him in for an elbow strike. A Michinoku Driver spiked Austin in the middle of the mat, but he kicked out. Jake launched him into the corner and moved in for a leaping shoulder thrust. Austin crumbled to the floor while Cody Deaner was attacked by the Desi Hit Squad.

The distraction allowed Austin to catch Jake with a low blow, finishing up with the Fold.

Results: Ace Austin defeated Cousin Jake via pinfall.

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