WWE: Why it's time for the original Bullet Club to rise

The OG Bullet Club, from left to right: Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, Prince Devitt, Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga
The OG Bullet Club, from left to right: Anderson, Gallows, Devitt, Bad Luck Fale and Tonga
Modified 07 Feb 2018

OG, /OhGee/

Adjective: Short for Original/Original Gangster, the true tough guy from back in the day.

As Finn Balor AKA Prince Devitt seeks to revitalize his career in WWE alongside former Club mates Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, his once great creation is fracturing in New Japan.

The Bullet Club is a Gaijin (Foreigner) heel stable founded in New Japan in 2013 by Devitt along with Bad Luck Fale, Karl Anderson and Tama Tonga. Since then the faction has seen an addition of over dozen members, an excursion into American shores and two leadership changes.

As of now the Club's only original members remaining in their home base of New Japan are Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale. While the Club is supposedly being led by Kenny Omega, there is dissension among the group.

Just as recently as New Japan's annual New Beginning in Sapporo, Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes came to blows over where and how to take the Bullet Club forward. It seems Omega has grown a heart in the past year, refusing to allow Cody to attack his former partner Kota Ibushi and take away a moment of success from a young star like Jay White.

Simmering tension causing friction

There's bound to be issues when you call yourselves the Elite among your own group

Omega's leadership has come into question in this past year, not just from the radical Cody but original member Tama Tonga as well. In their G1 Climax encounter last year, Tonga slapped around Omega questioning whether he was part of the Club or the ELITE.

The ELITE is an offshoot group of the Club set up by members Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. Though not explicitly stated, since then the ELITE has been front and center over all Bullet Club actions.

Building their own brand out of an existing one has caused simmering tension between the original Japan fronted Club members and the Elite trio scouring the world. The ELITE seemed to have determined the fate of the Club, even adding new members such as Adam Page, Cody and Marty Scrull. This has taken some shine away from rising original members, especially Tama Tonga who was once pegged to be its breakout star.

Relegated to trios matches that open events and keep Club steady in the faction wars race in New Japan, Tonga has found himself going nowhere while his creation along with Fale is torn down by this young boys.

Time to form the real Bullet Club

Tension is boiling, something
Tension is boiling, something's about to give!

The faction wars focus has been the ROH star Cody and New Japan stalwart Kenny Omega and all of their friends in between. Nobody wants to or cares to know of Tonga and even Fale's opinions of the ongoing situation.

If this is the case and the faction is breaking apart, it's high time the OG's showed these upstarts whose boss and smack them away thus forming the real Bullet Club. Raising Tonga to the boss level, as they should have done ages ago.

Tonga has proven for quite a while now that he has the necessary skills to lead the sub-group of the faction. He has been a low key highlight of the G1 and has mentored his brothers quite well since. Tonga might use a lot of expletives, but he's a source of great intensity and entertainment on the microphone.

If the Bullet Club is too finally go down, I'm sure the OG members will find their own way out of the sinking ship. Meanwhile let the pretenders fight for the hollow crown, because they'll never see Tonga and his boys coming.

Shots fired, Tama Tonga and the Bullet Club for life!

Published 07 Feb 2018
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