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ROH Final Battle Results and Recap, 12/15/17

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Final Battle 2017 was a huge night for pro wrestling
Modified 16 Dec 2017

Manhattan was alive with the sounds of bumps, pain, and the love of pro wrestling. It was time for ROH's Final Battle of 2017.

Cody Rhodes has a new ROH World Championship title and it's a beauty, but he had to defeat Dalton Castle in order to keep it.

There were plenty of other amazing matches such as Bully Ray in what could be his final match alongside Tommy Dreamer against the Briscoes in a street fight that could only take place in New York City.

So much more was at stake because every match was something special. So let's get right to the show as the fire filled the entryway inside the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Will Ospreay vs Matt Taven

Taven represented The Kingdom well with an absolutely sick conspiracy theory themed entrance but everyone loves Ospreay.

The Aerial Assassin wasted no time taking out Taven with a kick and jumping on the rest of The Kingdom with Taven answering back with an insane dive of his own in the first few seconds of the match. After that, it was rather fast-paced as most would expect.

The Kingdom got involved as Vinny Marseglia tossed Ospreay into the barricade while the referee was distracted. After that, Taven took advantage for a bit although the referee caught him with his feet on the ropes.

It was a nice back and forth match after that with Ospeary ending up in a Lion Tamer-looking move while people chanted "Y2J" until Will Ospreay escaped from Matt Taven's hold.


Ospreay soon hit a crescent kick that knocked Taven's lights out and the forearm to the back of the head after that was very stiff but it only got a count of two.

Ospreay dove on The Kingdom and Taven dropkicked him in the back of the head. Then he tossed Will Ospreay back in the ring but Will Ospreay got his knees up to block a splash. They traded moves and near falls for a bit until Matt Taven caught Climax which is his sweet arm trap headlock driver and got the clean victory.

Winner: Matt Taven def Will Ospreay via pinfall

After the match, Taven got in the camera and said this is the last Final Battle that he's not leaving with gold around his waist and he might not be telling a lie. This was a great opening match.

The Addiction vs War Machine

This match wasn't pretty, but it was very entertaining and plenty stiff. The Addiction used their speed advantage to team up with some tandem offense.

There was a huge "John Cena sucks" chant in the middle of this match for some reason which is always entertaining to hear at an ROH pay-per-view. The Addiction used very dirty offense to gain an advantage as a team.


Raymond Rowe took a brunt of the damage throughout this match but he soon fought back leaving himself exhausted in the ring. Hanson finally got the tag and started cleaning up until Addiction's numbers advantage won out. They didn't leave the ring and the ref didn't stop him.

Hanson stacked Addiction on top of each other and delivered some abuse to both Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. There was a near-fall after Rowe took a backstabber followed by an Unprettier, but Hanson broke up the pin. Raymond Rowe kicked out of a lot of pine in the match.

The finish came when War Machine hit The Fallout and got the clean win

Winners: War Machine def The Addiction via pinfall

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Published 16 Dec 2017, 10:34 IST
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