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10 of the most memorable WWE Jobbers.

The Blue Meanie of the J.O.B. Squad
The Blue Meanie of the J.O.B. Squad
Modified 31 Mar 2021

First of all, let's get one thing perfectly clear: The term 'jobber' is considered rude in the locker room of any given pro wrestling promotion. The preferred term is "Enhancement Talent."

These are the wrestlers who are paid to make other talent look good, ie, to enhance their image. Jobber is a slang term which is often used in a derogatory manner.

Often times, the talent used for a jobber/enhancement role are young wrestlers who are still learning their craft. This is not always the case, as some wrestlers make a career out of jobbing.

While the perception by fans is that the big name stars look down with disdain upon the enhancement talent, a lot of the times this is not the case. Wrestlers appreciate those talents who can make them look good in the ring.

For example, George South was an enhancement talent in the southern NWA territories, but he was well respected in the locker room. Ric Flair even went off script once to make South look like he could hold his own against the World Champion.

Whether you call them jobbers or enhancement talent, some wrestlers manage to be memorable even with terrible won/loss records. Here are ten of the most memorable WWE jobbers of all time.

10. Special Delivery Jones

Special Delivery Jones, SD for short.
Special Delivery Jones, SD for short.

Born Conrad Efrain, the man who would eventually be known as SD Jones was working for a telephone company before he received his training from Johnny Rodz (ed. note: who also gets an honorary mention here).


Efrain would take the name "Roosevelt Jones" after his debut, so he could be considered the kayfabe cousin of Rufus Jones, a popular mid card wrestler in the south.

Eventually Efrain made his way to the WWE during its Classic era. SD Jones played a role sometimes called "Jobber to the Stars," or gate keeper. Basically he would give the heel mid-card wrestlers a hard time, but always wound up losing.

However, Jones did win against lower card wrestlers, and even won a battle royal once, though he had to share the honor with Tony Atlas. The two would flip a coin to see who won the battle royal. Jones, of course, lost.

His greatest claim to fame was losing to King Kong Bundy in nine seconds--though the match was really closer to a minute--at Wrestlemania. This dubious record stood for a long time until The Rock defeated Erick Rowan at Wrestlemania 32 in six seconds.

Jones is a legacy member of the WWE Hall of Fame and even had an action figure, making him one of the most memorable enhancement talents of all time.

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Published 31 Mar 2021, 14:23 IST
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