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Top 10 NXT Tag Team matches

Lewis Hanson
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EA compilation of the best NXT Tag Team matches
EA compilation of the best NXT Tag Team matches

Without question, NXT has one of the best Tag Team divisions in the world. The art of two-on-two brawls was brought back to prominence in the last few years thanks to spectacular efforts from those duos that have graced the black and yellow brand since its inception back in 2012.

Whether it was the early days of The Wyatt Family, to the establishment of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, to the breakout of The Revival, to the dominant streak of Undisputed Era, we have been treated for years to match of the night, and sometimes even match of the year, candidates.

It seems as though with every single TakeOver that goes by, another instant classic tag team match blows away everyone watching around the globe. Limiting the selection to one match per rivalry, let's take a look at the gold standard of NXT tag team competition.

#10 Authors of Pain vs. The Revival vs. DIY: NXT Takeover Orlando

Any match involving both DIY and The Revival is bound to be a great one. The two pairings lead this Tag Team triple threat match for the majority, and we actually got to see a rare sight with these bitter rivals teaming against a bigger and far more dominant force – The Authors of Pain.

A memorable highlight saw DIY and Revival combine arsenals to deliver both of their tag team finishers to AOP, with members from each team stepping in to deliver the final blows (a moment which had me leaping out of my seat), but it still wasn’t enough to put the behemoths away for the three count.

After DIY was eliminated from this match, the pace slowed the Orlando crowd began to boo in disapproval at AOP's dominance, but regardless, the match was still fantastic overall nonetheless.

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