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Top 7 things that Wrestling fans are tired of hearing

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'Austin 3:16' shirts are going out of fashion

A new era in wrestling has begun and as the industry has changed over the years, so has people’s perception towards it. Gone are the days when being a wrestling fan was considered ‘cool’ among peers. For example, wearing an 'Austin 3:16' shirt made you a fashion icon back in the day.

It’s certainly a lot different nowadays as existing die-hard fans of the sport are often ridiculed and interrogated as to why they still enjoy it so much. The fact of the matter is, wrestling is no longer a hot topic of discussion anymore as it once was. 

While pro wrestling does have its ups and downs, it is certainly a global phenomenon that deserves the utmost respect. The Superstars put their bodies on the line day in and day out to entertain their fans.

It's fairly easy to say that they 'do it for the money', but is all the money worth risking lives, jumping off a steel cage and getting hit in the head with a steel chair?

It never ceases to amaze what these phenomenal athletes can do, beyond their outrageous amount of hard work and dedication. So why shouldn't they receive the same amount of respect as other athletes?

Like a broken record, here are some quotes that us wrestling fans are very familiar with and tired of hearing over and over again.

#7 “It’s not real blood”

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Roman Reigns was busted open by Brock Lesnar's elbow at WrestleMania 34

No, it’s not ketchup running down the superstars’ faces - to be honest, I'm not sure how some people can even make that assumption. Shouldn’t people be able to tell the difference between blood and ketchup?

Although blood is a rarity in the current era of WWE, that wasn’t always the case. Bleeding during matches happened very frequently back in the day and to the surprise of many non-wrestling fans, it was actual blood.


Apart from occasions when wrestlers actually get cut wide open unintentionally, there also used to be a technique called 'blading', which is a process in which wrestlers subtly use a razor blade to make a small incision into a wrestlers’ head.

The razor is usually hidden in the wrist tapes or gear so not many people can see it. It is completely safe, and they are taught where exactly to cut so they not only bleed easily but also heal fast.

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