The Great Khali diet and workout routine

The Great Khali diet
The Great Khali won his World Heavyweight title in 2007.
Manish Verma

The Great Khali has been one of the biggest Indian names ever in professional wrestling history. Ever since his debut in WWE in 2006, Khali has been a household name in India. His initial feud with the Undertaker saw him rise to the top of the wrestling world and go toe-to-toe with the arguably the biggest legend in WWE history.

Khali later became the World Heavyweight Champion in WWE, and had memorable matches with the likes of Shawn Michaels, John Cena and Batista amongst many others. Khali entertained fans with his in-ring skills for almost a decade before leaving WWE in 2014 December.

Like most professional wrestlers, Khali had a strict diet and workout plan which helped him perform well in the ring, and become a force in the WWE world.

Let us have a look at his diet and workout schedule to help us understand how he prepared himself for these matches.

The Diet Plan for Great Khali

Khali has a huge body to maintain at 7 foot 1 and weight around 400 pounds. So understandably, his diet is enormous too, and contains a lot of protein intake to help him.

While nobody knows for sure what exactly his diet is, and Khali himself hasn’t talked completely about it, according to few sources, the diet plan includes the following:

Morning session:

In the morning, Khali has fruit juices and fruits, two quarts of milk, 8 eggs and 100 gms of dried fruit. Before breakfast, Khali drinks a lot of water and walks for few minutes. Khali then takes lots of chicken and bread for breakfast.

Afternoon session:

In Lunch, Khali takes curry, pulses, vegetables, wheat breads, rice, 1 kg of chicken, eggs and dried fruit.

Dinner session:

In dinner, Khali takes cheese, legumes, vegetables, 10 wheat breads, brown rice, chicken, 6 eggs, two litres of milk and ice after dinner.

Apart from these, he also takes ice creams, coffee, curd and candies in his diet.

The Workout Plan for Khali

Khali has a huge and strong body. To maintain his strength, he follows an extensive work-out schedule also.

On Sunday, Khali focuses on his chest and does flat, incline and decline bench presses, apart from push ups. Monday is the day for doing work on his biceps and triceps. He does multiple sittings of the Barbell and Dumbell Curls and Tricep dips. Push ups are a part of his schedule on Monday too.

On Tuesdays, Khali does mostly cardio work. This includes 30 minutes of running on the treadmill, 20 minutes of cycling, abdominal workout and crunches. On Wednesdays, Khali works on his shoulders and traps.

He does multiple sittings of military press and dumbbell military press. Apart from that, he does lateral raises and rear lateral raises.

On Thursdays, Khali works on his back and abs. He does some reps of bent over barbell row and pull ups. Apart from that, he also engages in crunches and leg raises. On Fridays, he focuses on legs and ab exercises again.

He does multiple sittings of seated leg extensions, leg press and squats. Apart from this, he also does calve raises and 100s of crunches. Saturday is the day of rest from his extensive workout schedule.

On this day, Khali only does 30 minutes of light jogging on the treadmill.

Here’s a video of Khali doing straight bar curls in the gym:

A role model for wrestling and WWE aspirants in India

Khali is the first Indian wrestler who made a big name for himself in the WWE and carved out a good career there. He is currently also working on his own wrestling unit in Haryana to help produce more world class professional wrestlers for India, who can shine at global stages like the WWE.

Khali continues to be an inspiration for the young generation of Indian wrestlers and is a role model for most of them. Hope we can see many more Indian stars doing well internationally in the wrestling world.

One year after his passing, we at Sportskeeda paid tribute to our very own Road Warrior Animal here.

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