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Which wrestling promotion has the best champion?

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Kenny Omega of NJPW and Brock Lesnar from WWE.

Which of the major wrestling promotions has the 'best' champion?

It's a debate that has been going on almost as long as there's been professional wrestling.

Which federation boasts the 'best' wrestler? Who truly represents what all professional wrestlers should aspire to?

In the 1980s the question mainly pertained to the NWA and the WWF. Hogan was the champion of the WWE, while Flair reigned in the NWA. No one would debate that Flair was the superior technical wrestler, but Hogan was a household name even to people who didn't watch wrestling.

The question of who is the 'best' is quite subjective. In order to minimize that subjectivity, we will utilize three criteria when we analyze the current holders of wrestling's 'big belts.' One will be technical ability, because wrestling is athletic and therefore physical aptitude counts. The second is how well the wrestler resonates with the crowd, whether as a face or a heel. The third is promotional skills and interview aptitude, because wrestlers have to be able to get fans emotionally invested in their matches before the bell tolls.

Here are the grades of the champions, in no particular order.

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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla--WALTER

WALTER (the all caps is deliberate) is the current PWG champion.
the all
caps is deliberate) is the current PWG champion.

Call him Big Van Walter, Big Daddy Walter, or just plain WALTER, the fact is Australian Walter Hahn has been impressive in PWG.

For those who don't know Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, or don't believe it's a major promotion, here's a list of some former Champions: Kyle O'Reilly, Ricochet, Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. It seems like PWG is a stopping point on the way to greatness, hence its inclusion on our list.

Now, for WALTER'S scores.

Technical Ability: At six and a half feet tall and well over three hundred pounds, you might think WALTER relies on a power game, and you'd be right. However, he also can utilize technical wrestling and is one of the smoothest, most agile big men since Mike Awesome. Grade: A

Popularity: WALTER is definitely over wherever he wrestles. He has a great look and resonates well with the crowd, but he's certainly not on the level of, say, the Rock. Grade: B

Promo/Interview skills: Walter has developed a fantastic character for PWG, but the indie scene was never known for a lot of talking. Grade: B

Overall Grade: B+ WALTER represents PWG quite well and earns high marks as their champion.

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