10 things you probably did not know about Shane McMahon

Sibling love was strong

Did you know Shane left WWE for YOU?Professional wrestling is a volatile business. One day it might look like the most boring thing out there and next day, it would turn upside down.  All it takes is a stimulus that stirs up the fans. Shane McMahon’s return to the WWE was such a stimulus. His introduction has created a new found interest among the WWE fans and even the intelligent smarks marked out when he showed up on Raw.Shane is the talking point in fan circles these days and it would be a perfect time to dig deep into the lesser known facts about him. So here are some things that you probably did not know about Shane McMahon.

#10 He raised Stephanie

Growing up in the McMahon family was never easy. When Stephanie and Shane were young, WWE was on the rise and this kept Vince and Linda busy. They were running around to give the company a credible platform and this left Stephanie and Shane on their own for most of the time. Shane, being the older one, acted as a great role model for his sister.

Stephanie herself has credited Shane for the same and probably this intimacy is still there between the siblings. The irony is, Vince McMahon once wanted to run an incest angle involving Shane and Stephanie. We’ll see more about that later in the list. 

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