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5 most iconic pit stops in Formula 1

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Pit stops are part of any racing team’s essential strategy, whatever form of motorsport they belong to. Pit strategy can win or lose races, and it is argued that it was a significant contributor in Williams’ eventual loss at Silverstone earlier this year despite a flier of a start by both Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas. Crew are lightning fast, and expected to make repairs, tyre changes and much more within the span of a few seconds – and they do so with lightning speed. Sometimes the need for speed results in hilarity. We pick and mix 5 of the best – for various reasons.  

#1 Red Bull - Grand Prix of the Americas, 2013

The driver Mark Webber of Red Bull.

Riding on race day, the 17th of November 2013, in Austin, Texas at the Grand Prix of the Americas, the Australian came in for a tyre change. It was not just one tyre, however – it was all four! 

Pit crew were already in formation by the time Webber came in – and completed a full tyre change in 1.9 seconds. Webber, who had qualified in 2nd that race, definitely benefitted from the quick pit stop – he finished the race on the podium in third, behind the second place car of Lotus’ Romain Grosjean. Sebastian Vettel, who was Webber’s teammate at the time, won that race, his eighth consecutive Formula One race win, the F1 record for consecutive wins within a single season.

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