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5 funniest fan protests in football

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The sombre sight of Liverpool fans walking out of their beloved Anfield environs to protest a staggering £77 ticket in their Premier League match against Sunderland was cathartic for many fans of Premier League clubs who echo their sentiments. Sadly, as Liverpool blew a two goal lead to draw that game following the walkout, their was much gnashing of teeth on both sides of the argument, as there were no winners here. However, there are times in football when supporters can make a justified point while also drawing a laugh, often the best strategy to drive home an uncomfortable point. Here are five times when fans brought a little humour into their protests.

#1 Goals and Arrows

Magdeburg Arrows
Magdeburg’s supporters are not content to offer advice from the comfort of an armchair

FC Magdeburg are a German club who have languished in the bottom divisions of Germany without achieving anything of note, bar a Cup Winner’s Cup in the 70s. However, their fans catapulted the 3rd tier German club into football’s attention with their creative strategy to solve their side’s problems in front of goal.

Having witnessed their side go 5 games without a goal in the 4th division of German football in the 2011/12 season, most supporter’s would rage and phone-in radio stations with their angry rhetoric. The Germans, however, are an enterprising lot, and with a ‘can-do’ attitude in place, decided to help out their side in the the most practical manner possible.

Wielding giant, luminous cardboard arrows, the supporters showed up to the game and literally pointed towards the goal in a bid to end their side’s goal drought. The fans also unfurled a banner which read ‘Wir zeigen euch, wo das tor steht!’ or ‘Don't worry guys, we'll show you where the goal is!’

The most surprising thing of all? It worked! The side’s American striker Chris Wright scored with a towering header from a corner to end his side’s 558 minute goal drought. Even when the Germans are being silly, they can’t help being efficient too.

Here’s a video of the Magdeburg’s hilarious supporters in action:

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