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5 surprising plans in the WWE that almost materialized

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The WWE has taken some great decisions in the past that has perhaps altered the fortunes of the company forever. There are also certian decisions that have come under heavy criticism.All in all, the decision making process on the whole has been a very complicated task. Not only because of the repurcussions, but because of the number of factors it influences for decades together.Let us take a look at some of those shocking decisions that the WWE almost gave the nod to.

#1 The Undertaker was to debut as the Gobbledy Gooker

Mark Calaway, the superstar who protrays the role of the legendary Undertaker has had a career to remember. He has perhaps been the icon and the torchbearer for the WWE for over two decades and is one of its all time greats. But, things could have gone a whole lot differerntly if the WWE’s initial plan for Calaway had materialized.

Calaway was initially considered to play the role of the infamous ‘Gobbledy Gooker’, a gimmick that has been criticized as one of WWE’s worst decisions. The plans were soon scrapped and they decided to go ahead with the Undertaker gimmick, making him debut in the year 1990.

Thank god for that. This is one decision that could have changed the face of the WWE forever.

#2 Muhammed Hassan to win the world title

Muhammed Hassan was one of those superstars who managed to attract a lot of negative vibes in the recent past. His ‘anti-west’ approach earned him much flak. He was involved in feuds with stars like Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan, whose return he largely influenced.

With all that said and done, the initial plan for Hassan was to win the world heavywight title and in the process, become the youngest world champion. The plans were unfortunately shelved after a terrorist attack on London and Hassan soon faded away into the annuls of mediocrity.

#3 Chyna was set to become the WWE Champion

Former WWE Diva Chyna will always remain as one of the most popular Divas of all time. Her imposing figure and dominating attributes gave a lot of superstars, including male competitors, a run for their money. Her bouts with Chris Jericho for the IC title were nothing short of epic. Her association with DX and Triple H also helped maintain her ‘top dog’ status.


But there was going to be a twist in the storyline that nobody saw coming. The WWE had plans to make Chyna the new WWE Champion. This was a bold move from the creative team and they were sure they would get the dice rolling. The plan was however shelved after they realized that ‘the ninth wonder of the world’ lacked the flair to carry the coveted prize.


#4 Imposter Kane is the real Kane

As confusing as this sounds, this storyline was something that the WWE creative had as backup to deal with the Kane issue.

Glenn Jacobs, who plays the role of the legendary Kane had plans of retiring. But, that would take the whole Kane concept away from the WWE and they planned a smart move to counter this.They introduced Festus as the ‘imposter Kane’ to the equation.

The plan was for the WWE to make an announcement that the ‘imposter kane’ was indeed the real Kane and that Glenn Jacobs was the real imposter, who had imprisoned his adversary to steal his identity.  Confused?

But Kane put off his retirement plans and the WWE too put off this entire storyline.

#5 Who will end the streak?

Much before the Brock Lesnar fiasco, plans were already made to break the Undertaker’s streak ever since Wrestlemania 21.

During the years of Wrestlemania 21 and 22, multiple superstars like Randy Orton, Mark Henry and Kurt Angle were all given an opportunity to break the dead man’s streak. But, all of them refused the opportunity as a mark of respect to the Undertaker.

In short, nobody accepted to do the unthinkable. There were rumours doing the rounds that even Wade Barrett, who had once ambushed the Undertaker was a possible option to do the task. But the plan was again shelved.

Anyway, it was Taker himself who chose Lesnar to end the streak way back at Wrestlemania 27. An injury to Lesnar delayed the entire process and the plan finally materialized at Wrestlemania 30 where the streak was finally ended! 

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