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6 reasons why it is hard to be a referee in modern football

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Being the law-enforcer is a hard job. Be it the police or the referee in a football game; making sure that the people adhere to the rules can be as hard a job as it gets.Given the way crime has increased in the last few decades, the need for more – and efficient – law enforcers has become a must. Despite that, they find it hard to contain the law-breakers.Similarly, in football, it is hard to be a referee. The game, along with the world, has evolved over the years and being an official is a tougher job than many people think and here are some reasons why.  

#1 Increased intensity

Referee training football
The pace of the modern game demands referees also to be quick on their feet

Football in the past century was slower than it is now. In fact, the intensity of the game these days is, at times, incomprehensible. The emphasis teams put in their players is to attack with haste, reach the opponent’s goal within a few seconds, rather than slowly build the game with a string of passes.

Football in the 20th century was classical music, now it is like extreme metal.

And this has made life a bit harder for the referees with bit being an understatement. They have to be on the move constantly, from one box to another, to and fro, while being completely aware of the happenings of the game.

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