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9 footballers who became popular for their eccentric acts

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Eccentricity is what makes things interesting. If every footballer was like, say Raul Gonzalez or Alessandro del Piero, there would have been a lot of class around, but things would eventually feel boring. It’s the eccentric ones whose unpredictability becomes a great source of entertainment for many.Perky press conferences, crazy on-pitch incidents and whatnot, eccentricity is a must for football to be the fun game as we all know it.Sometimes this bizarreness gets to the nerves of some as they find it inscrutable. And they can’t be blamed because there is a limit that can’t be crossed for the sake of entertainment.So here are some of the most eccentric footballers in today’s game.  

#1 Mario Balotelli


The ultimate troll-boy of football. Mario Balotelli is known more for his antics that are not related with football than ones that are.

When he came to the scene, he was dubbed as one of the most talented players in the world with almost limitless potential. But he also had another thing in abundance: temper. And it was the latter part that developed more.

From driving into women’s prison to visiting Manchester’s University campus to use the bathroom; from throwing darts at reserve team players to setting his house on fire. And the best of them all: revealing a t-shirt under his City jersey that had “Why Always Me?” on it.

Well, perhaps because it is always you that does something stupid, Mario.

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