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9 instances when managers lost their cool on the touchline

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Jose Mourinho poking the eye of Tito Vilanova is one of the many instances of managers losing itIn the game of football, managers are the main figure-heads of any team. They are responsible for bringing success to the club, establishing their brand, and representing the club in the media. So it is quite rare to see managers lose their cool, and even if they do, the instances are rarely violent.A touchline melt-down from a manager can lead to serious consequences for the club, which could end up costing the man his job. While most touchline incidents are usually verbal in nature, there have been a few incidents in the recent past that have gone beyond words.Here are nine instances where managers lost their cool on the touchline:

#1 Wenger pushes Mourinho

Arsene Wenger pushed Jose Mourinho after becoming furious with a foul on Sanchez

Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have never really been on good terms since the Portuguese manager started managing Chelsea 11 years ago, and that hasn’t changed one bit during the Special One’s second spell at the Stamford Bridge. 

Mourinho has always been famous for winding up his rivals, and he was at it again as Wenger lost his cool in Arsenal’s 2-0 loss at Chelsea on October 5th, 2014.

The Arsenal manager was furious with Gary Cahill’s challenge on Alexis Sanchez, and marched into Mourinho’s technical area in protest. Mourinho reacted by using some choice words and pointing towards Wenger’s technical area, which provoked the Frenchman to push Mourinho’s chest twice before the assistant referee had to interfere to end the stand-off. 

While answering questions from the press regarding the incident, Wenger seemed unapologetic in his response and also claimed that it was Mourinho’s confrontation that stirred up his reaction.

“You would see if I really try to push,” Wenger said. 

“Come on. I trust you to teach me all the moral lessons in the next two weeks. I can accept that.” 

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