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10 of the funniest football chants in English League

Mohammed Sami
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Football chants have become a source of great joy for the football going fan. Its power is such that it has become a necessary tool in the football fans armory. It adds to the bacchanalia of the atmosphere. The greatest football chants are mirth inducing. It should be carefully constructed to a tune while also being funny and easy enough to be sung in unison by thousands. But its greatest quality should be its comic value. Be it to chastise a player or to glorify or even as a back and forth between fans, it has to be funny. So here's a look at the funniest football chants heard in recent times.

#1 \'You\'re not as good as Christmas!\'

Jermaine Easter  Wycombe

Striker Jermaine Easter was once the subject of mockery from the fans of his current club Bristol Rovers while playing for Wycombe. 

Bristol Rovers once chanted 'You're not as good as Christmas!' at the Welsh international when he played for Wycombe Wanderers, playfully ribbing him about his name while also making him know of their feelings about his game.

The irony of this chant is that the Rovers fans will be hoping that they were wrong about him and will probably have to soften up to Easter now that he plays for them.

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