5 things you never thought you'd see thrown on a football pitch

Dentures thrown during a game
Dentures thrown during a game, surely a first! (Image credit: Nydailynews)
Modified 18 Jun 2016
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Brunt was not a happy camper after being struck with a coinWhile Rio Ferdinand could see the funny side of being hit with a two pence coin as he celebrated a late derby winner, Chris Brunt could not. Once again, ugly scenes marred English football over the weekend. An angry West Brom fan struck their old captain with a coin as he walked over after a 3-1 defeat to Championship side Reading.At the home of reigning league champions Chelsea, Pellegrini’s youthful charges were also pelted by coins as they celebrated their almost instant equaliser. The Rio Ferdinand incident in 2012 even sparked a debate in English football regarding safety nets around the pitch, to protect players. Both clubs have called for lifetime bans for the offenders in efforts to stamp it out of the game.Clubs will often seek to punish offenders with stadium bans and sometimes (as in these two cases), the police also get involved. It could lead to community service and even jail time!That sounds like a fair punishment, but one has to ask, what should you do when people throw these alien things onto a football pitch?

#1 Dentures

It's often said that hooligans are the kind of people who can steal from an old lady.

Well, someone's grandmother would have been quite surprised to see Argentinos Juniors manager Ricardo Caruso staring confusedly at her dentures. As he watched his side slump to a 3-1 home loss against Belgrano in 2013, dentistry was the last thing on Caruso's mind. Unfortunately, an angry fan in the stands thought the exact opposite and promptly tossed him a pair of dentures.

Playing at the Diego Maradona stadium, it's understandable that the fans expected more from their top players. El Semillero, or 'The Nursery', holds a lot of stock in its proud history of breeding some of Argentina's finest. World Cup winners Claudio Borghi and Diego Maradona (hence the name of the stadium) both graduated from its ranks.

Naturally, the 2013 squad were playing to fill some rather large shoes. It's obvious the fans wished to give their players a kick up the backside; get them running and fighting. What's surprising is that they decided to do that by giving them an extra set of teeth - are they meant to eat more?

Toothless in attack? All jokes aside, there's no clearer message.

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Published 24 Feb 2016
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