Top 5 loudest grunting female tennis players

Kapil Patwardhan

Grunting has become a common occurrence in tennis. It’s highly distracting and borderline irritating for the opposition. But there is no rule against it, hence players continue to do it. It is understandable when it happens as an involuntary action, but when it is as loud as some of them go, questions have to be asked. Some of the grunts are more than 100 decibels! To get an idea regarding the decibel levels, a lion’s grunt is averaged at 110 decibles. Here is a video of a grunting lion.These are the top five loudest grunting female tennis players.

#5 Venus Williams - 85 Decibels

Venus Williams’s power has a secret source: her grunts. No matter what shot she is playing, a background sound is accompanying it. In this match against Sharapova, the two battle for points and to find out which one has a louder grunt.


#4 Serena Williams - 88.9 Decibels

Serena Wiliiams has more titles and a louder grunt than her sister Venus. Her grunts become louder with her aggression on the court. She is involved in quite a few on-court controversies, and her grunting definitely do not help her cause.


#3 Monica Seles - 93.2 decibels

Monica Seles was once threatened by Wimbledon with a fine for her loud grunting. Although she managed to ‘quiet down’ a but, her grunts still could be heard by everyone in the stands.


#2 Maria Sharapova - 101 decibels

Maria Sharapova is famous for her grunts, along with her stunning looks and tennis. She is the only second woman to record grunts over a 100 decibels.


#1 Michelle Larcher De Brito - 109 Decibels

"If people don't like my grunting, they can always leave. Nobody can tell me to stop grunting. Tennis is an individual sport and I'm an individual player. If they have to fine me, go ahead, because I'd rather get fined than lose a match because I had to stop grunting,” Michelle Larcher De Brito said on her grunting. Clearly she is very persistent about her grunting. At 109 decibels, she is officially the loudest grunter in tennis.

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