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Stories behind the origin of the biggest football clubs in Europe

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Football clubs are currently some of the largest organisations in the world. Some of the biggest clubs in Europe are consistently named among the richest sports franchises world over. Their outreach has been immense and are followed by millions of people all over the globe.  But as the saying ‘Rome was not built in a day goes’, these clubs have had humble origins and have only gradually made it to the big stage. There is a tale behind the establishment of every football club. And it is marvelous to learn how the biggest football clubs began their expedition to reach sovereignty. Here is a list of few clubs and how they began their route to history books with grit, guts and gumption.

#1 Liverpool FC

 Liverpool FC players in early 20th century

Before 1892, Merseyside rivals Everton played at Anfield for eight consecutive seasons. But due to some disputes stirred with the owner of the ground John Houlding, Everton relocated to Goodison Park in 1892. In the same year, Houlding founded another football club, to play at Anfield.

The team was primarily named as Everton Athletic, but the football Association declined to identify the club name. So the club changed its name to Liverpool FC.

Liverpool FC, nicknamed as ‘The reds’ have won more European championships than any other English club. In 1953, “You never walk alone” was adopted as the anthem of Liverpool FC, and is habitually chanted before every home match.

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