Top 5 commentators of English football

Kenneth Wolstenholme Pele Gordon Banks

Kenneth Wolstenholme flanked by footballing legends Pele and Gordon Banks

Akshay Suresh

They provide the atmosphere, the life and soul to a football match for those unfortunate people who watch them on TV. Commentating on football matches is no easy task as it requires an amazing presence of mind as well as a high command over the language.Their famous quotes are etched in every football fans heart,which they can recollect with pride everytime they are remainded of those particularmoments.Andy Grays highpitched sceram of Ohhhhh yoouubeautyyyyyy, What a hit son, what a hit! when Steven Gerrard scored that incredible last minute goal versus Olympiakosor Clive Tyldesleys Woaaah what a goaaalll, Thierry Henryyyyyy! after Henrys amazing volleyed goal against Manchester United are some of the instances that can never be forgotten. They may have grown old or passed away, but their voices shall forever remain young and evergreen!Here is a look at the top 5 EnglishCommentators whom we always love to hear.Honourable Mentions who could not make the list :Barry Davies,Gary Lineker,Andy Gray andChris Kamara

#5 Kenneth Wolstenholme

A rather unknown name to the modern football fan, but ask a football historian and they will rave about him! Kenneth Wolstenholme was referred to as the ‘Daddy of football commentators’. Wolstenholme – a BBC legend, has covered 22 years worth of FA Cup finals. He was Match of the Day’s first commentator.

His finest hour of commentary came during the 1966 World Cup finals where he said, “Some people are on the pitch, they think it's all over. It is now” while referring to Geoff Hurst’s goal. This remains as one of the most iconic moments of England’s sporting history! Unfortunately we can’t hear his voice now as Wolstenholme passed away in 2002.

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