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5 Things you should know about Jacqueline Moore

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Things you need to know about Jacqueline MooreJacqueline Moore might not be a name that rings a bell among the current crop of WWE fans, but for someone who has been following the product for a long time, the name would be more than familiar. Moore resurfaced back in the headlines recently thanks to her induction into the 2016 Hall of Fame class of WWE. The former WWE Women’s champion is all set to join the likes of Sting, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Godfather and the Big Boss Man in the class of 2016. Before we get all emotional about her induction, here are some of the things that we should know about her.  

#5 Only girl in the wrestling school

She was the only girl in wrestling school

You always come across so many hurdles when you are chasing your dreams. For Jacqueline, one of those hurdles came in the form of her wrestling school. She took up wrestling after meeting Skandor Akbar in a Gym. 

She soon signed up for the wrestling school of Akbar which was situated in Dallas.

She was, however, the only female in the school, but this was not enough to keep her away from training. She then went on to successfully make her in-ring debut for World Class Championship Wrestling in the year 1988. 

And during that time, she used to wrestle under the name, ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’. 

#4 She was part of the feud that brought back the Womens title

She won the Women’s championship first after the revival

WWE had abandoned the WWE Women’s Championship belt in 1995 thanks to the infamous segment in WCW where Madusa tossed the championship into a trash can. The title remained inactive for a few years, but WWE revived it for the feud between Jacqueline and Sable in 1998.

Jacqueline was the first woman to win it following the revival but the reign did not last long. Sable won the belt from Jacqueline at Survivor Series, just two months later. Jacqueline had one more reign as the Women’s champion and it came in 2000 when she defeated Harvey Wippleman. 

She then lost the title to Stephanie McMahon thanks to an interference from D-Generation X.


#3 Impressive record outside WWE

She had an impressive run in TNA

Apart from her achievements in the WWE, Jacqueline has an impressive resume when it comes to her work elsewhere. She had a brief stint in Japan before making it big with United States Wrestling Association in Memphis. 

She was a mainstay there and won the Women’s Championship for a whopping 14 times while being part of the promotion. It was this spell with USWA that brought her under the radar of WWE.

After USWA, she had spells in WCW and Smoky Mountain Wrestling but nothing notable happened during both the stints. She worked for TNA on four separate spells and enjoyed success with the company to an extent. 

#2 Only Woman to win Cruiserweight championship in WWE

Only woman to win Cruiserweight title in WWE

The Cruiserweight championship is still a topic for debate these days. Some want the title to return while some see it as a waste of time. Either way, it was fun when the title was around. Although the title was designed for the male superstars, three females hold the record for holding it.

Madusa was the first woman to do so when she defeated Evan Karagias in 1999. Daffney became the second woman to win the title in 2000. Later, Jacqueline won the title in 2004 by defeating Chavo Guerrero. Daffney and Madusa won the title while working for WCW while Jacqueline won when she was in WWE, making her the only woman to do so. 

#1 A mixed martial artist

She is a mixed martial artist

If you thought that the skill set of Jacqueline is only limited to professional wrestling, think again. She has a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo and also has a strong experience when it comes to Kickboxing and boxing. 

In short, if you mess with her, you are going to get your rear kicked.

Training wrestlers is another skill that Jacqueline has to show off. She discovered her talent for the same during Tough Enough. Jacqueline trained Nidia and Maven during that time frame and though they both didn’t make a big mark in the wrestling business, Jacqueline’s ability to teach was clearly visible to everyone. 

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