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Top 10 Old school finishers that aren't really finishers anymore

Joe Burgett
Modified 20 Mar 2019
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Ziggler doing his variation of the DDTIn the world of professional wrestling, you must evolve. Every human has to do it to adapt to their environment. In pro-wrestling, adaptation is not only needed, but it is a must to be successful.You cannot be the same kind of character that another person was and you have to create unique offense and sometimes even defense, to excite a crowd full of people who have probably been watching longer than you have even considered being a wrestler at all. New is needed, as old is just that for a big reason. Fans today need more and more. Possibly the biggest evolution of pro-wrestling happened in the 1990’s when the dawn of the Attitude Era came about.Not only did we get unique matches that tested the will of every performer WWE had at the time, but WCW also tried random unique ideas to get people to pay attention. This became a time in which people would use old school moves but add a spin to them so that they weren’t like the others. This continued until present day when we see moves now from even the 90’s becoming secondary and even set up moves.John Cena stunner anyone? We decided to compile a list of moves that you may not realize people won matches with, as today they do not seem like finishers. In this list, we count down the top ten finishers that really aren’t finishers anymore. Enjoy.

#1 Ironclaw

The Von Erich family are beloved in the state of Texas even today and their promotion WCCW was one of the hottest promotions in pro-wrestling during it’s time. Run by Fritz Von Erich, the promotion was build on his family. Every one of his sons wrestled for the promotion, some like Kerry went on to join WWE at one point. Another went to Japan. Sadly, all but one of the brothers died well before their time.

Some died from drug overdose, others from suicide. Fritz was believed to have passed away due to a broken heart. Now only Kevin Von Erich remains from the original dynasty, and his sons are the next generation of Von Erichs to try their hand at wrestling.

The one big thing that the Von Erich family all had in common was their family move, the Iron Claw. This move was basically as it sounded. A Von Erich would put their hand on your face and put pressure on it. The hand would be like a claw and dig in until you gave up.

The look and premise of the manoeuvre seem idiotic to most looking back on it today. You could just back away or go toward the ropes, right? In theory this seems like a great plan but the Von Erich guys would get a person on their knees and anywhere they went, the claw would follow. They often times held the back of the head and took you to the mat on your back where you had nowhere to go.

The move became massively popular while they used it. Today, the claw is rarely seen and when it is, it is rarely viewed as a finisher. Most believe that when a guy comes along with a big enough hand, it could be given to them as a finish.

Until then, the move makes this list. The move does have some variations, but the original claw has not yet made a comeback.

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Published 11 Oct 2015, 16:35 IST
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