WWE’s top 5 famous road stories

Akhilesh Gannavarapu

#1 Jim Cornette and the Dairy Queen incident


This happens to be one of my absolute favorites, and one of the greatest road stories in the history of the business! Everyone knows Jim Cornette as one of the pioneers of modern wrestling, and also as one of the best managers in the business. Cornettes legendary rants (Especially on Russo) have earned him adulation, respect and fame among the wrestling fans, and have also made him a legend among the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community). But there is one story that the wrestling fans and superstars alike absolutely love, and that happens to be the Dairy Queen incident.

Long story short, a bunch of wrestlers (Which included Storm and Chris Jericho) along with Jim Cornette got hungry while riding from a wrestling show, and decided to stop at a fast food center. After waiting for a good amount of time and ordering a large amount of food (Considering the amount of people inside the van, and them being pro wrestlers), they got to the front window and the person inside asked them if they really wanted that amount of food. Now, those who know Jim Cornette know his legendary short temper, and Chris Jericho, being himself added the initial spark which set off Cornette! The rest as they say is gold!

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