FOX Bet Sportsbook Review

Intro to Fox Bet

Fox Bet online sportsbook is a reputable gambling firm that formed a partnership between The Stars Group and FOX Sports. The bookie is a renowned trustworthy sportsbook in the US. Fox Bet also has a sportsbook app, which uses similar logins to the website. Fox Bet operates within the law confined to the United States. Seasoned punters from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Michigan can now celebrate as Fox Bet introduced live betting in these states.

Fox Bet Sportsbook: Top 5 Features

  1. Best sportsbook for sports coverage

  2. It offers live betting for players in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Michigan

  3. It has a Fox betting app for both iOS and Android user

  4. Players need a minimum deposit of $10 to wager real money in this sportsbook

  5. There is a generous welcome bonus.

Fox Bet Sportsbook Pros and Cons


Fox Bet is a joint effort between two reputable sports companies

● Provides in-play betting experience

● Features an authentic use interface

● Offers competitive odds

● Offers best boosts

● It has excellent sports and events

● Has many sports betting options


● Has slow customer service. Only uses the fill-in form on the contact page

● High wagering fees on deposit bonuses

Fox Bet Bonuses, Promotions, Contests, and Odds Boosts

Welcome offer

A welcome bonus is a chief bonus on Fox Bet. New entrants to this sportsbook get a risk-free bet of up to $500. To qualify for the welcome bonus, new players must wager real money bet at minimum odds of -200. This bonus has an expiry of seven days. If you do not win, Fox Bet returns your funds up to $500 within one day. Fox Bet welcome bonus doesn't have any promo code requirement.

Star Rewards Program

Fox Bet collaborates with PokerStars reward program for more benefits to loyal players. The reward awards you 1.1 points for every $1 wagered on single bets. Players participating in multiple bets are more privileged. You get 3.1 points for every $1 wagered.

You must accrue a minimum of 333 points to unlock the first chest. In this reward, you get $0.50. The black chest requires 100,000 points and earns you $250.

If the cash-out value equals the initial bet amount, you do not get any reward points; for instance, if you deposit $50 and cash out $50, you do not earn any points. Check out the terms and conditions carefully since some rewards must adhere to play-through requirements.

Fox Bet Daily Promotions

Fox Bet takes advantage of TV coverage using personalities to gain more traction on active promotions and odds boosts. Cris Carter, for instance, calls for the wager for Monday Night Football which has odds boosts. Every day you will get such offers and odds boosts. They also give free bet credits if you lose.

Which States Is Fox Bet Sportsbook Legal In?


New Jersey



Fox Bet Sportsbook: What Sports You Can Bet Legally Using Fox Bet?

As long as you have a real money account on Fox Bet, you can wager on the following sports;

● Soccer


● Track & Field

● Cycling

● Darts

Football (NFL, NCAAF, CFL, XFL)

● Aussie Rules

Baseball (MLB, NCAA)

Basketball (NBA, NCAAB, Intl)

● Boxing

● Cricket

● Rugby League

● Rugby Union


Hockey (NHL, Intl), MMA (UFC)

● Motor Sports (NASCAR, F1)

Fox Bet Betting

Fox Bet sportsbook is an excellent sportsbook that offers custom bets. The bookie sets its unique lines on sports game offers. Fox Bet is also the best platform to bet on futures. Most golf players prefer betting on Fox Bet due to straightforward outrights bets.

Fox Bet Sportsbook User Experience, Ratings, & Reviews: Website & Mobile App

Fox Bet has a way of attracting newbies or creating awareness to attract new players. The interface is difficult to navigate due to collapsed menus, especially on the despot version. Most players feel the overuse of TV personalities who advertise odd daily boots.

The mobile app is not as efficient as expected. It contains frequent pop-ups and freezes occasionally. There are different apps per state, which makes betting hard. The betting platforms need an upgrade.

Fox Bet - History, Background, and Founders

Fox Bet was formed in 2019 because of a joint venture between FOX Sports and Flutter Entertainment. The main goal was to advance online sports betting in the US-regulated market. Fox Bet and FanDuel sportsbook shares the same ownership; Flutter.

Fox Bet Sportsbook Contact Information

Fox Bet sportsbook has an active help center on their platform. They have a contact form with a message template that allows you to specify reasons for your contact. You need to log in to access the help center.

Fox Bet Sportsbook: Security, Licenses & Certifications

Your transactions are safe at Fox Bet. The sportsbook has valid licenses in the four states it operates in; NJ, CO, PA, and MI.

Fox Bet Sportsbook: How Does It Fare Among Other Sportsbooks?

Though a new sportsbook, Fox Bet has established itself as one of the most trusted bookies in the US market. It only operates in states that have legalized online betting.

How long does it take Fox Bet to give you your winnings?

The payout duration depends on your withdrawal option. E-checks take up to 10 days, while PayPal and Skrill take three days.

Fox Bet Deposit & Withdrawal Options

There are different ways to deposit at Fox Bet sports. Such options include;

● PayPal and online banking

● Credit/Debit card

● PokerStars Play+ Card

● PayNearMe

● eCheck

Top 3 Sportsbook Alternatives to Fox Bet

Having a variety of sportsbooks to choose from is a great thing. When it comes to legal US online sports betting, you have many different sportsbooks you can choose to use. Most states with legal wagering give sports bettors the option to sign up with multiple online sportsbooks. Some popular legal books include FanDuel, Caesars, and DraftKings. These sportsbooks also have daily promo options for users, including odds boosts, which will be outlined below.


This is a sportsbook where you can bet on anything and everything. You can bet on your favorite sports team, or you can bet on the outcome of a game that isn't even happening yet. You can bet on whether or not someone will win the Super Bowl or if they'll break their leg during practice. You can bet on whether or not your favorite celebrity will get married, divorced, or die, and if it's that last one, you get free drinks all day long.

It gives customers more ways to win, whether they like to bet spreads, moneylines, teasers, props, parlays, or other betting options.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook is an industry titan with a trustworthy, world-class sports betting environment that includes: live betting, daily promotions, and countless markets.

This sportsbook is a great place to get your sports betting fix. The site has many different options, and they have a variety of other games to choose from. You can bet on American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more.

New members of Caesars Sportsbook receive a sizable welcome bonus, with various special offers to follow. No matter which state you live in, you should find the same deals so long as it's eligible.


DraftKings is an online sportsbook that lets you play against other players in various fantasy sports games. You can play on your own or with friends, and it's a great way to have fun while supporting your favorite teams or players.

The app is easy enough for anyone to use and has tons of features like live streaming and real-time scoring. There are also various ways to get paid for winning games, like playing for free and getting paid in cash prizes or points for submitting picks.

Fox Bet Sportsbook Review Conclusion & Takeaways

There is no doubt that Fox Bet is a legitimate operation in the United States. Though there are some glitches on the desktop and mobile versions, the betting process is safe and smooth. The most significant risk in online betting is being scammed, which won't happen in Fox Bet, thanks to its four licenses. Betting at Fox Bet is fun. You place your wagers against TV and sports personalities who announce new offers daily.

Top Tips for Betting

  1. Betting is a game of confidence and skill, not a chance. You can only win by making the right decision at the right moment.

  2. Always double-check that the bookmaker accepted your bet before confirming it with any other part of your betting process (like picking up your winnings).

  3. You can bet on the outcome of a game or event. This means you are betting on who will win the game or event. For example, if you bet on a football game, you would bet on which team will win. Or if you bet on a basketball game, you would be betting on which team will score more points in a game or event.

  4. You may also bet on a specific player or team performing well in an upcoming game or event. This means that instead of betting on who will win the game or event, you are betting on one specific player or team to perform well during an upcoming performance.

  5. Do read the terms and conditions of the sportsbook before placing your bet.

  6. Take advantage of bonuses.

  7. Create a budget and stick to it.

  8. Join a bookmaker's newsletter program.

  9. Set up an account with a reputable sportsbook.

Things to watch out for

  1. Don't bet on a sportsbook if you're tired, hungover, or under stress. It's easy to lose your focus when you're tired or stressed out, so stay focused on what's happening in front of you while you're playing. You'll be able to make better decisions that way.

  2. Don't use a credit card to fund your account. This is a common mistake and can result in losing all of your funds if you do not have enough money to cover the transaction. If you use a credit card, always pay it off before using any of your funds

  3. Once you wager, do not chase your losses

  4. Don't play with more than one account at a time. This could result in stiff penalties if discovered by bookmakers.

  5. Betting on your local/favored team is another common mistake while wagering. Emotions should be in check.

  6. Don't sign up for promotions without reading the fine print first. Some of them are outright scams.

  7. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Fox Bet Sportsbook FAQs

Is Fox Bet legit?

Fox Bet is owned by the renowned brand Fox Sports and TSG, which proves its credibility. It is a licensed sportsbook.

Can you win money on Fox Bet?

Yes. Lucky players earn a lot after betting on Fox Bet. There are many promotions to boost winnings.

What states banned Fox Bet?

No state has banned Fox Bet. Nonetheless, it is only available in regulated markets.

Which is better, Fox Bet or Draft kings?

Players prefer sportsbooks based on their personal preferences. Fox Bet offers great odds as long as it is available in your state.

Do you need a promo code for Fox Bet?

No. You do not need a promo code to wager at Fox Bet.

How do I get my money out of Fox Bet?

There are a variety of withdrawal options, like online banking and e-checks. The choice is yours.

Who has won the most money on Fox Bet?

Everyone has an equal chance to win at Fox Bet. It is hard to tell who won the most money.

How do you pick the best lineup on Fox Bet?

There are plenty of ways to win at Fox Bet; props, futures, and standard lineups.

How do I check my Fox bet results?

Once you log in, you can access your results at the player profile.

Do you get a welcome bonus at Fox Bet?

Yes. New players get up to a $500 welcome bonus.