5 Angriest Tennis Players Of All Time

Lleyton Hewitt
Lleyton Hewitt
Divya A K

Like any other sport, tennis too has seen its fair share of players who have let their emotions get the better of them on and off the court. The sport is not just about physical exertion but mental exertions as well. Since matches do not have a time limit and the players do not have access to the coach, it could prove tedious for them.

There have been numerous incidents where the player has lost temper and done things in the full glare of the public and media, but have regretted later. These angry moments include throwing their racket, channeling their anger to their opponents or to themselves, umpires and the linesmen.

Some players are known to be angry, while some others rarely lose their temper on the court. The heat of the moment is what fuels these angry moments.

A repeat of these angry moments on and off the court has rendered the players the reputation of being the angriest tennis players of all time. 

#5 Lleyton Hewitt

Australian Lleyton Hewitt was once fined $US1000 for unsportsmanlike behavior during the Wimbledon tennis tournament. The match was a tough 5-set game against Dutch player Robin Hasse. During this very game, chair umpire Fergus Murphy called several foot faults, which angered Hewitt.

Winning the game ultimately, Hewitt had his angry moments on the court when he smashed his racket on the ground and even tapped the ball in the direction of the line judge. The 27-year-old was now going to be remembered for this incident that happened during the Wimbledon of 2002.

During a post-match press conference, when Hewitt was asked about his bout of anger, he said it was justified and he claimed that one particular person called out all the foot faults throughout the game and that no one else did. Either way, Hewitt had carved a niche for himself in the “angry player” category. 

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