5 best outfits sported by Serena Williams over the years

The variety of outfits donned by Serena Williams o
The variety of outfits donned by Serena Williams over the years

Serena Williams is one of the best athletes in the world, if not the best. But aside from her tennis, she is also known for her dressing sense and fashionable outfits.

The terms 'tennis outfit' and 'fashion' tend to go hand in hand, and players who are at the forefront of promoting trendy looks on the court are always very popular. And the interest in tennis fashion is constantly rising; it was estimated that in 2017, searches for female tennis apparel had doubled.

Williams’s wardrobe is always a top discussion among the paparazzi. She has frequently experimented with her outfits, and has regularly influenced innovations in clothing.

Through her entire tennis career Williams has won a staggering 72 singles titles and 23 doubles titles. That has given her a unique position in tennis, from where she has constantly increased the popularity of the sport.

Williams has been a brand ambassador for both Puma and Nike. At the 2018 US Open, she presented a perfect collaboration of the designing skills of Nike and Virgil Abloh. In spite of her long career in the sport, Williams has never repeated the same outfit beyond a single tournament.

She is also known for pulling off some really quirky stuff on the court jewelry and even catsuits.

The Olympic gold medalist, who is also a proud mother, has never failed to win the hearts of her fans and critics. Here is a look back at the most memorable outfits she has donned on the tennis court over the years:

1. 2014 US Open

2014 US Open - Day 2
2014 US Open - Day 2

At the 2014 US Open, Williams effortlessly displayed a beautiful and strong look. She wore a simple round-neck Nike dress along with black shorts.

The dress even had a leopard print on it in black and white, and she complemented it with glossy pink colored nails to match them with her wristband.

The style signature of Serena Williams is remarkably modern and chic. Even the hairdo she sported in conjunction with this outfit gave her the look of a true fashionista.

2. Wimbledon 2014, doubles

Serena and Venus Williams at Wimbledon 2014
Serena and Venus Williams at Wimbledon 2014

At Wimbledon 2014, Serena sported two different looks for singles and doubles. Partnering her sister Venus in women's doubles, she donned an elegant long-sleeved dress with frills at the bottom, making heads turn with her style sense.

The 2014 tournament didn't end well for Serena, but she certainly made it memorable with her outfit.

She also tied her hair gracefully with a band, giving a real softness to her overall look. Out of her outfits over the years, this was perhaps the most classic.

3. US Open 2004

Serena Williams at US Open 2004
Serena Williams at US Open 2004

This was another challenging yet beautiful look which the superstar carried very well. Out of all her prominent looks, this one has its own place.

The outfit had a blue colored denim mini skirt from Nike accompanied by a black tank top. It was complemented by black sneakers and Go-Go boots; she wore the latter during her entrance on to the court.

This is widely considered one of her wildest creations. Even though it did not look extremely comfortable, it made a permanent imprint in the fans' minds with its distinctive elements.

In one of the past interviews, Serena mentioned that her focus was never the comfort, and instead she had laid emphasis on the appearance. The look was the perfect expression of her thinking, because it certainly made heads turn.

4. Wimbledon 2016

The Nike dress Serena wore during Wimbledon 2016 was easily one of her best ever outfits. It had a turtleneck top which was accompanied by a classic skirt.

Serena Williams at Wimbledon 2016
Serena Williams at Wimbledon 2016

The pleated skirt was beautiful and it complementing her skin tone and hair wonderfully well. She dazzled the audience with her look at this tournament, and also with her play - Serena ended up winning the trophy by defeating Angelique Kerber in the final.

5. US Open 2018

Serena Williams at the 2018 US Open 
Serena Williams at the 2018 US Open

This year at the US Open tournament Serena wore a stylish black tutu dress. It was designed by Virgil Alboh, and one sleeve was brown in color.

Accompanied by white shoes and socks, this outfit is widely considered a masterpiece in Nike's collection.

Serena also wore a black colored wristband and tied up her hair into a bun. Keeping the look to its simplest, she wore a thin pendant around her neck.

When talked about the look, Serena revealed in a CNN interview that the outfit was totally aerodynamic and did not hinder her with her game whatsoever, signaling a change in her mindset from the early years.

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