5 Tennis drills to improve your skills

5 Tennis drills to improve your skills
5 Tennis drills to improve your skills

Tennis is a combination of complex movements and individualistic style. It takes a lot of intense practice to master the game. To begin with, players use specialized tennis drills to tone themselves up. Tennis drills are the best way to understand the basis of tennis, learn the right methods and develop the confidence to face any opponent. These drills make a player consistent and make him/her strong both physically and mentally. There are unique tennis drills required for different players because each of their styles is different.

It is easy to figure out the kinds of drills to practice just after a few days of training. Continuous tennis drills are necessary to become efficient in one technique. With building experience, players tend to be more familiar with more drills that they can practice. The basic levels of drills are necessary for every player. That is how the complexity in tennis movements can be understood in a better way. Such movements are divided into small techniques that can be followed and learnt quickly.Β 

In the below slides, you can learn easy drills that improve your skills and confidence.

#1 Basic Warm-ups and quick drills

Firstly, running and stretching is important for tennis. Warm-ups like running along the lines of the tennis court can really help. You will also get to know about the rules about every line on the courts. Running will loosen all your leg muscles and make them more flexible. Stretching before practice sessions will allow you to withstand shocks while hitting the ball.

Basic Warm-ups and quick drills
Basic Warm-ups and quick drills

Dribbling can improve your coordination towards the ball. In the beginning, you can dribble the ball by placing it on the racquet and hitting it upwards. You should do this continuously without losing control over the ball. Another way of dribbling is required for serving the ball. A good serve will earn quality points for you. Dropping the ball from your hand and dribbling it along with the ground can help you serve better. Moving while dribbling can be effective as a warm up too.

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