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The 7th AITA CS Anantapur tennis tournament is back at ASA’s NETS

Close to 250 athletes from around the country are expected to show up for the tournament.

Anantapur Tennis
Action from the main draw of the AITA Super Series earlier this year

Another round of the All India Tennis Association (AITA) Championship Series (CS) is set to take off in Anantapur from 17 to 23 September 2016. Much like last year, the AITA CS Anantapur will be hosted for young tennis talent between the age groups of U14 and U16. This will be the seventh edition of the Father Vincent Ferrer Memorial AITA CS.

The tournament is set to be hosted at the home of Tennis in Anantapur, at Rural Development Trust (RDT), Anantapur Sports Academy’s (ASA) Nadal Education and Tennis School (NETS). About 250 athletes from around the country are expected to show up for the tournament. This would also include eight NETS children, five boys and three girls, who will represent rural Anantapur.

The NETS and ASA are proud to host the seventh edition of the AITA CS Anantapur, which will be flagged off by the Anantapur District Lawn Tennis Association, Secretary, Katta Nagabhushanam. A well-respected figure in Anantapur, known for his skills on court and one of the best tennis players from the region during his time. He will be accompanied by the new RDT Sports Director M. Nirmal Kumar to do the honors.

The tournament is expected to begin with sign-ins on the 16 September 2016. The qualifying rounds shall run over the weekend between the 17 and 18 following the sign-ins. The Main draws shall then take place between the 19 and 23 September.

Most top ranked competitors will be missing as they would be participating in the AITA National Series, Ahmedabad. This, however, allows us to see younger and fresher talent showcase their skills at the competition leading to more competitive games, said Tournament Director K. Bhaskarachar.

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