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Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhury questions Leander Paes' character

The actress was in Kolkata to promote her new movie, 'Dark Chocolate'.

Mahima Chaudhary
Mahima Chaudhary with Colin Montgomerie at an earlier event 

Indian Tennis star Leander Paes was greeted with bitter words by former partner and Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhary as per the latest interview with a Bengali Daily. Leander is the most popular and successful Indian tennis players ever, but controversies have followed him during his stellar tennis career.

Paes recently returned from the Rio Olympics, which was his seventh consecutive appearances at the Games. Internal spats with other Indian players have marred his career to a huge extent and in spite of these obstacles, the Kolkata-born star is renowned for being one of the most successful doubles players in the history of the game.

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On being asked whether she followed the Rio Olympics where Rohan Bopanna and Leander Paes featured, she was quick to reply that it was best to skip the particular topic and move on as it was not relevant to the interview. But after several questions thrown at her by Ananda Bazar, she was compelled to speak about her relationship with Leander.

She left her acting career recently after her break-up with the tennis star, and on being asked about how she coped up with the shock she replied, “Wait, Wait. I never felt any shock. The decision to quit from Bollywood was a personal one. It is no use mourning for the man who cheated on me. For me—Love is simple, either you love someone or you don’t. You may be a very successful tennis player, but that doesn’t give someone the right to hurt someone.

“The day when I broke-up with Leander, it was a closed chapter for me. I won’t shed tears for someone who doesn’t care for me. How Leander is leading his personal life is known to everyone. Let’s change the topic. Please.”

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When she was asked whether she wanted to have a talk with Leander after the break-up, she replied, “Again Lee. No. I never had thoughts of that kind. But, we have met many times during a flight. Till then, my life had become steady and I was a mother. A simple ‘Hello’ was all I said.”

Experts all around the world laud Leander for the quality tennis he plays on court and Chaudhary also spoke about his relationship with other Indian tennis players.

“Is it better to keep mum? See, Leander did injustice to me. He did not play a fair game. His mentality is such it is impossible for him to play fair with other Indian players too. I don’t like his character and I hope everyone else also feels the same. He does not understand anything about love.

“The break-up has taught me a good lesson, which is never to give up hope on yourself.”

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