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Eugenie Bouchard lives up to Twitter bet, takes fan on NBA date

The fan bet on a New England Patriots win at the Superbowl last week, asking Genie on a date if they did.

The pair were seated courtside watching the Brooklyn Nets play a home game against the Bucks

What’s the Story?

Former Wimbledon finalist Eugenie Bouchard went on a date with a fan who won a date with the Canadian player on twitter, after taking her up on a Superbowl bet last week. 

Bouchard was so sure of the Atlanta Falcons securing a win that she took up a bet with a New England Patriots supporting-fan, who asked if he could take her on a date if the Patriots won, which they did. 

22-year-old Bouchard upheld her end of the bet, taking her blind date, American John Goehrke, to a basketball game in New York City. The pair watched the Brooklyn Nets play the Milwaukee Bucks at home, with the pair seated comfortably courtside. 

Here’s the original tweet that started it all:

In Case You Didn’t Know

The tennis player, who is evidently a fan of American football, was, like a significant sporting audience in North America, watching the Super Bowl final last week, with the New England Patriots Patriots up against the Atlanta Falcons for the title.

The Patriots eventually took a 34-28 win, with comeback star Tom Brady winning his fourth ring. 

Bouchard, a Falcons fan, bet on a Falcons victory and tweeted that bet, with Goehrke, who goes by the Twitter handle @punslayinwoods, replying asking her for a date if the Patriots won. 

She quickly responded that she would be taking up the bet, with fans following the progress of the story quickly.

After the Patriots’ win, Bouchard asked the fan to “organize a fun date night” for the pair, which no doubt made the fan nervous. The pair looked comfortable on the date in New York, but that’s where it ends – Bouchard is in a long-term relationship with Canadian hockey player Jordan Caron, who is part of the NHL. 

Heart of the Matter

After having made a bet with her fan on Twitter, Bouchard upheld her end of the bargain, and quickly put Goehrke, who is a 20-year-old student, at ease. Posting pictures to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, the young Canadian player confirmed that the pair were on their date, and looked to be having a good time. 

20-year-old Goehrke, a golf enthusiast, later confirmed to fans that he had been to the game, and described his experience as “the best date ever.”

What’s Next? 

Not much for the pair ahead – 22-year-old Bouchard has been in an on-off relationship with NHL player Jordan Caron, who is four years her senior. Although the pair separated temporarily in 2015, they have all but confirmed their relationship is back on, with Bouchard posting pictures of a tropical holiday with Caron at an undisclosed location. 


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