Bernard Tomic continues Instagram banter with Nick Kyrgios, says he's "more than happy to make it 2-0" 

The online spat between Bernard Tomic (L) and Nick Kyrgios continues
The online spat between Bernard Tomic (L) and Nick Kyrgios continues

Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios' ongoing Instagram banter has taken a fresh turn, with the former issuing a scathing response to the latter's claims.

For the uninitiated, a fan recently asked Tomic if he considers himself to be a better player than Kyrgios. The 29-year-old answered in the affirmative, pointing out how he had beaten his younger compatriot at the Kooyong Classic a few years ago.

Not one to stay quiet in such cases, Kyrgios took to Instagram, where he posted a string of stories, replying to Tomic's claims. The 26-year-old pointed out how the match at Kooyong was an exhibition match, suggesting that it should not have counted.

THIS match point by Bernard Tomic in Kooyong 😱😵😭

Kyrgios went on to shed some light on Tomic's poor record against the Big 3 while also mentioning how he owns more tour titles than the latter.

"And yes he did beat me there once, but to say that he is better, I have more titles," Kyrgios pointed out. "I don't think he's got any sort of big scalps to his name, no Rafa, no Federer, no Djokovic."

In conclusion, Nick Kyrgios wished Tomic well, asserting that he wants success for everyone.

"I wish him (Tomic) the best," Nick Kyrgios had said. "I am no jealous person, I want success for everyone. So BT, we know what you’re capable of brother. Let’s see it, good luck man.”

Against that background, Bernard Tomic returned to Instagram on Thursday, thanking Kyrgios for his "kind words."

"Thanks to Nicky boy for the kind words and the encouragement," Bernard Tomic said. "I look forward to seeing him down in AO and hopefully we can both make Australians proud."

Tomic then took the opportunity to point out that he had indeed beaten Novak Djokovic, contrary to what Kyrgios had claimed (2013 Hopman Cup, which is not counted as part of ATP statistics). The Aussie also mentioned his victories over other greats, former Slam champions and Kyrgios himself.

"But just to set the record straight, he says I haven't beaten any of the top players," Tomic added. "I've beaten Djokovic, Grand Slam champions Wawrinka, Cilic, Hewitt and most importantly, himself."

While Tomic has beaten Kyrgios at the Kooyong Classic, the fact that the match was an exhibition one means it does not feature in their ATP head-to-head record.

However, Tomic asserted that he fully backs himself to beat his countryman the next time they lock horns.

"Look, I'm more than happy to make it 2-0 whenever he wants," Tomic said. "And all jokes aside I wish NK the best, good luck."

What did Bernard Tomic initially say about Nick Kyrgios?

The question posed to Bernard Tomic
The question posed to Bernard Tomic

A fan asked Bernard Tomic if he considers himself to be a better tennis player than Nick Kyrgios. In response, Tomic highlighted how his compatriot is one of the best servers in the world, but in the same breath insisted that he does not consider Kyrgios' style of play a threat.

“Yeah, obviously Nick’s a good player, I mean top 6, 7 servers in the world," Bernard Tomic said. "But I obviously beat him in Kooyong 6-3, 6-4, a couple years back. And you know just cuz I train with him, I sort of pock where he's serving, I sort of know where he's at. So, that sort of style doesn't really bother me."

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