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India or Pakistan: Which country will Sania's future child play for?

Mirza was on the TV show "Yaaron Ki Baraat" being interviewed by film director Sajid Khan.

The pair caused a public stir when they married in 2010 due to political sensitives between India and Pakistan

The one person who brought glory to women’s tennis in the international circuit and made India’s name shine brightly and the flag soar high is undoubtedly Sania Mirza. The tennis sensation has powered her way to the top of the game in Women’s Doubles and continues to do the nation proud at every event she partakes in.

There was quite a stir in the country when Sania tied the knot with Pakistani cricket player, Shoaib Malik. It is no secret that any gossip about India-Pakistan tensions will never go stale and especially when a marriage takes place between members of two such countries, the media – and public – have a field day.

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Sania who has now been married to Shoaib for 6 years, was a guest on talk show ‘Yaaron Ki Baarat’ telecasted on Indian channel Zee TV. The World No. 1 was asked a question which howsoever innocent, was sure to pique the interest of the media.

Accompanying Sania on the guest’s couch was her dear friend and Bollywood actress, Parineeti Chopra. Director Sajid Khan who was hosting the show sought the opportune moment and quite candidly interrogated, “I would like to ask you on behalf of every individual in India and Pakistan, you have been married for six years now, now God-willing you will have kids. If your child goes on to become a sportsperson, will he represent India or Pakistan?”

Ever having fielded crass questions with class, Mirza braved the question with a fitting reply which reminds us once more, that we should not be demarcating ourselves by mental borders when it comes to human relationships when she shot back saying, “Honestly, we have never had a discussion on this topic. We actually don’t know. Maybe he would not be involved in sports, but become an actor, or a teacher, or a doctor. That’s a far thought. I am very proud to be an Indian and he is very proud to be a Pakistani. But together we are very proud to be husband and wife.”

That left Khan with no further response.

Sania’s simple reply says a lot, and we are reminded yet again how the happiness between two people should be prioritised and the harmony acknowledged. Borders should not come in between human interactions. It is absolutely futile to label someone who does not yet exist and is yet to see the light of day, and subject them to ‘India-Pakistan’ controversies.

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Sania Mirza continues to respect her nation and calls it her own, representing the country abroad and fetching laurels for it. Malik too remains proud of his land of birth, his Pakistan and plays for the Pakistan National Cricket Team. Mirza’s prompt and honest reply deserves applause as it blots out her unbiased self. 

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