WATCH: Jack Sock in incredible display of showmanship towards Lleyton Hewitt

Hewitt was the local hero at Perth during the Hopman Cup game, but both he and the crowd found a new hero.

A truly humbling show of sportsmanship surfaced during the Hopman Cup today.

In a match between former world No.1 Lleyton Hewitt and his American opponent Jack Sock, the latter conceded a point by asking Hewitt to review an incorrect call made by the umpire.

It so happened that the Australian star was trailing 4-5 in the first set when his serve was declared out by the match official. While the player accepted the call and was ready to take his second serve, opponent Sock, who had apparently watched the ball from close quarters, actually asked Hewitt to challenge it against the American’s own progress in the game.

An initially surprised Hewitt eventually took Sock’s advice and challenged the call, which was eventually declared ‘in.’

Both the Australian legend and the local crowd acknowledged Sock’s sportsmanship.

Hewitt went on to win the match 7-5, 6-5, but the American won accolades for his move.

The Australian ace, who is playing his last year of professional tennis, was serving 30-0 at the time of the incident, and when the ball was given out, Sock said, "That was in if you want to challenge it.”

Sock’s call had initially attracted laughter and surprise from crowd and opponent as the commentator on air said, “This better be in... otherwise he’s gonna look like a deuce.”

Protocol was followed, and with Hawk-Eye confirming Sock’s suspicion, the stadium erupted in cheers for the American.

Watch the action here:


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