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Andy Murray beats Milos Raonic Live Tennis Score Updates Wimbledon 2016 Men's Final

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Milos Raonic Andy Murray Wimbledon 2016
Murray and Raonic met at the finals of the grass court Queen’s Club Championships this year, with Murray winning

GAME, SET, MATCH ANDY MURRAY! He wins his third Grand Slam title in straight sets – 6-4, 7-6, 7-6


Set 3, Game 12 – Raonic* 6-6 Murray

And he forces the tiebreak! Despite being firmly on the back foot, two sets to love down, he isn't giving up. He’s made a match of this at the very least has Milos Raonic.

It’s the climax of a tense point and still, it could be that Andy Murray’s just thinking about food. Those long sets can certainly get you hungry... or if you ask Pablo Cuevas, other things.

Set 3, Game 11, Murray* 6-5 Raonic

Murray can smell the title already, it would seem. He’s pushing Raonic around court and to the net and pulls out a brilliant drop shot there, incredibly close to the net! Raonic races to scoop it over, but he can’t. Into the net it goes, and it's game Murray.

Set 3, Game 10 Raonic* 5-5 Murray

Serving to stay in the match, Raonic is speedy and wristy. His backhands are hard and fast and he’s forcing some crucial errors off Murray’s racquet. He holds. Will we see a third set tiebreak too?

Set 3, Game 9 Murray* 5-4 Raonic

Murray holds that, and that’s making Raonic a bit tense. After an ace drought, Murray’s pulling them out of nowhere. From two, he’s quickly gone to 7. Still a bit low for a Grand Slam final, but he’s come back and how! Raonic now serves to stay in the match.

Set 3, Game 8 Raonic*  4-4 Murray

What a point that last one was! Both players are still running around and fighting for all they’re worth. It’s Raonic’s last chance to stay in this... and he’s giving it everything! Serve and volley. Baseline play. Running at the net and reaching for shots flying through the heavens.

A brilliant point by Raonic but great defense from Murray as well. Raonic holds, behind on serve.

Set 3, Game 7 Murray* 4-3 Raonic.

Murray HOLDS! After losing that vital opportunity to break his rival, Raonic hasn't seemed the same.

Set 3, Game 5 Murray* 3-2 Raonic

Great fast serving from Raonic sees him take Murray to break point! But he can’t take it over the line and misses an easy shot – with his racquet sailing right over it. A shot he should’ve definitely made.

Set 3, Game 4 Raonic* 2-2 Murray

Murray’s backhand is on fire tonight. He’s continuing with some exceptional play today, barely faltering. That consistency could win him the match today.

The Special One is watching...

Pity neither player here is a United fan.

Milos supports FC Barcelona and Murray is an Arsenal fan.

Set 3, Game 3 Murray* 2-1 Raonic

An error-strewn game from Raonic if there ever was one. Murray’s running away with that point and looking to be firmly in control of this match.

Set 3, Game 2 Raonic* 1-1 Murray

No aces, but Raonic is managing to force errors out of Murray today. He’s netting shots again... and that gives Raonic a hold in the third. He’s behind on serve, though, so he’ll want a break and he’ll want it quickly.

Set 3, Game 1 Murray* 1-0 Raonic

Brilliant hold of serve from Murray there. He’ll hope he’s quite near a third Grand Slam title. The typically big-serving Raonic is unable to pull out the aces this time round with an athletic Murray running all over the court combating points.


A great performance from the Scot, who’s only committed two unforecd errors so far. He’s only a set away from his third Grand Slam title, and second at Wimbledon. We’re nearly two hours into this match already.


Murray’s been on fire this tiebreak. After the first mini-break, he’s raced to set point already. Brilliant touch on the backhand from the Scot today. Errors galore from Raonic, and he goes down in the tiebreak 3-6.

Murray wins the set.

Set 2, Game 12 Murray* 6-6 Raonic

Crucial moment here! Good volleys from both and Raonic gives spectators a masterclass in the serve-and-volley. Murray has staved off a second set defeat for now and he’s pulling out some great backhands, too! We’ll see a first set tiebreak now!

Set 2, Game 11 Raonic* 6-5 Murray

That was a stunning performance from Raonic! He squats in almost Angelique Kerber-esque fashion for that one, and then a light touch to lob it over the net. He holds without conceding a single point, and now Murray has to serve to stay in the set – for the second time this set.

Set 2, Game 10 Murray* 5-5 Raonic

The Scot needed to hold to stay in the set, and he does! He smashes that one in for a game win.

Set 2, Game 9 Raonic* 5-4 Murray

There’s a fight on here, and it’s not just for the match, it’s for every single point. Running to and from the net, Raonic is really reaching out for those. A great high lob there, and he’s held serve. Murray will now serve to stay in the set. Could be a long contest tonight...

Set 2, Game 8 Murray* 4-4 Raonic

He’s holding serve, and Andy Murray’s looking slightly tired but more focused than ever. His serves are getting faster and faster and into the territory of Raonic’s in his Federer match. He holds!

Set 2, Game 7 Raonic* 4-3 Murray

Good service hold from Raonic there! After a dry spell with the aces in the first set, they’re piling up for Raonic now. He’s at four already and Murray still languishes at two.

But whether there are aces or no, Ivan Lendl’s expression stays constant...

Set 2, Game 6 Murray* 3-3 Raonic

Great hold of serve there from Andy Murray. Great returning to set up two game points. Raonic scoops across the net, Murray responds with a fine backhand that’s just out of the reach of Raonic, even at full stretch. He holds!

He’s serving well tonight, and he’ll draw some great comparisons to the biggest servers of the game, but Twitter right now thinks Raonic looks quite a lot like, incidentally, the tennis player Milos on Seinfeld.

He does.

Set 2, Game 5 Raonic* 3-2 Murray

Serving ahead, Raonic is holding his service games. Finally he’s hit another ace – taking his total tally up to two this match with a set already gone – and it's ANOTHER GAME FOR MILOS! (Apologies to Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David)....

Set 2, Game 4 Murray* 2-2 Raonic

Again, two unforced errors from Raonic. He’s faltering a bit, and although Murray’s playing some great tennis, these are free points from Raonic. Not great for him. Murray holds, but is behind on serve here.

Set 2, Game 3 Raonic* 2-1 Murray

He almost got to this one without conceding a point! An excellent forehand from Milos Raonic – and it looks like a deadly one. Couple of uncharacteristic unforced errors from Murray and Raonic holds, up on serve on this set.

Set 2, Game 2 Murray* 1-1 Raonic

This one's a bit easier for Murray, as Raonic commits a couple of howlers. Two unforced errors and Murray races away to game point. Raonic tries to stave it off and he’s getting some brilliant points here, but it’s not enough. Murray holds serve.

Set 2, Game 1 Raonic* 1-0 Murray

Raonic is forcing errors off the racquet of Murray today! Each player has managed a single ace  so far. For contrast, Raonic had 23 in his match against Federer, and an average of 20 aces a match in every match he’s played at Wimbledon so far.

Good news for both Canada and Britain today. Canadian teen Denis Shapolov has won the boys’ singles title. Elsewhere, Lewis Hamilton has won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Who will add to their country’s glories today?

ANDY MURRAY wins the first set 6-4!

Set 2, Game 10 Murray* 6-4 Raonic, Murray wins first set!

Andy Murray is on top of this for now! He’s combated an athletic and busy Raonic to close out that first set with some wonderfully placed shots!

Set 2, Game 9 Raonic* 4-5 Murray

Raonic in this! Murray’s pushing him to the brink at the moment, certainly, and playing long rallies, which Raonic is not fond of. He’s also trying the characteristic Raonic tactic of sending shots from end to end of the court.

His serves are fast, but now, so are Murray’s! Raonic holds serve but Murray will now serve for the set.

Set 2, Game 8 Murray* 5-3 Raonic

He’s back and how! Murray isn’t doing the cross-court trick that Raonic is trying to pull, but some quick, fast and heavy serves nevertheless. His serves are slower than Raonic’s but he’s managed to build on his service hold for the lead! Raonic now serves to stay in the set.

Andy Murray has the first break of serve in this match! A great winner to get to break point, and on his second try, he forces a Raonic error! The Canadian nets, and Murray takes the lead.

Set 2, Game 7 Raonic* 3-4 Murray

Andy Murray fans will be pleased at this. And an obviously partisan SW19 crowd is abuzz as Murray has two break points! He’s doing well, but he sends the first one long after a beautiful serve to get to break point in the first place...

….AND ANDY MURRAY BREAKS! The Scot has the first break of serve and leads his rival 4-3 in the first set.

Set 2, Game 6 Murray* 3-3 Raonic

The Scot is sending them barrelling down the court and he declares himself straightaway with a winner! He’s clearly up for the fight today and is following the lead of Raonic, who’s trying to send him on a nice long run tonight!

Set 2, Game 5 Raonic* 3-2 Murray

And no breaks of serve in this set so far! Raonic is serving characteristically strongly, and despite some wondrous placement by Murray, he holds. A few great moments in this game though, especially a Murray point that’s nudged gently over the net away from the reach of Raonic. Some light wristy action from Murray there. A hold for Raonic, though.

Set 2, Game 4 Murray* 2-2 Raonic

Murray’s one of the best returners in the business, and this is why. He’s running straight down the court to Raonic and holds his own service game, too.

Set 1, Game 3 Raonic* 2-1 Murray

The two are really upping the ante here! A full arsenal of tennis shots being brought out on court tonight, and a strong fight from Murray sees him race to break point. Another beauty of a drop shot from the running, fighting, and jumping Raonic sees Murray unable to react, at the opposite end of the court from the Canadian’s perfectly placed shot.

Milos Raonic staves off break point for a service hold and retains his lead.

Set 1, Game 2 Murray* 1-1 Raonic

That wasn’t the easiest service hold for Murray, who scores the opening points and is returning incredibly well. But that drop shot from Raonic, who jumps and serves, is beautiful! At 6’4, he’s tall enough to be a basketballer, and that shot was almost slam dunk-esque. A brilliant shot even though he doesn’t win the game. Could we be looking down the barrel of an upset? If he can keep up his serves and performances, looks like that’s a reality!

Carlos Moya and Bjorn Borg are around and watching Murray. Meanwhile, John McEnroe is watching from the commentary box (and supporting Raonic, obviously!)

Set 1, Game 1 Raonic* 1-0 Murray

The Canadian sixth seed took no time at all to decide he wanted to serve, and he starts off fast, but a quick and well-placed return for Murray sees him open the points. Bit of a mistimed shot from the Scot goes into the net, though.

And there’s a fabulous rally as Raonic pulls out his cross-court forehand. He’s sending Murray scrambling all over the court to save, and in the end it’s a service hold for Raonic, who leads!

Players out on court! Milos Raonic has won the toss here, and straightaway he elects to serve! If that decision is as quick as his serves today, Murray’s in trouble...

It’s time for the finals of Wimbledon 2016 as second seed Andy Murray takes on sixth seed Milos Raonic of Canada in the finals. Murray has already won two Grand Slam titles, one of them at Wimbledon in 2013, and has been the firm favourite to win the tournament since the early exit of top seed and defending champion Novak Djokovic to the big-serving Sam Querrey of the United States of America. The Scot beat Djokovic in the 2013 final. Having been in the finals of each of the previous two Grand Slams this year, Murray will go into the final confident and with a strong momentum. Murray has also had relatively strong victories at this year’s edition of Wimbledon, with every victory in straight sets – except his mammoth quarter-final fight against twelfth seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France. Murray had struggled against Tsonga’s big serves, with the Frenchman taking him to a long five-set contest before eventually losing steam as Murray won the final set to seal a semi-final spot.

Murray took on 10th seed Tomas Berdych in the semi-finals, thoroughly outclassing the Czech with a 6-3, 6-3, 6-3 victory to quickly progress to the finals. Seven-time tournament champion Roger Federer had also been among those favoured to take the title this year after Djokovic’s exit, but a five-set battle from Raonic, in which the Canadian unleashed some mammoth serves to trounce the Swiss. Raonic had impressed with fast service and a focused game in that win, and many have now put odds on the 25-year-old to win. He has had his share of injury struggles, however.

The pair of Murray and Raonic have faced each other on nine occasions in the past, with Murray taking six wins. They most recently played each other at the finals of the grass court Queen’s Club Championships in London, their final tournament before Wimbledon, with Murray winning his fifth title at the venue. That was the pair’s only meeting on grass, but their third at the Grand Slam levels. It is also the second time this year the pair will be meeting at a Grand Slam, after Murray defeated Raonic at the semi-finals of the Australian Open earlier this year. That had been a long five-set contest, though, so given the stage and the level of competition, perhaps Raonic will bring a stronger game to Wimbledon than he did to the finals at the Queen’s Club. Given he taxed the Scot to three sets even then, fans could be in for a good contest tonight.

Raonic is the second Canadian player and first Canadian man to make the finals of a Grand Slam – the first was Eugenie Bouchard, who made the finals at Wimbledon in 2014, losing to Petra Kvitova. Should he win today, 25-year-old Raonic will become Canada’s first ever Grand Slam winner.

Murray, meanwhile, has won two Grand Slam titles. The World No. 2 has seen improved form this year, and odds are on the Scot as the favourite to take his second Wimbledon title – he has already won a title at the US Open.

Interestingly, both players have seen significant changes to their coaching staff this year. While Murray parted ways with longtime coach Amelie Mauresmo following his loss at the French Open, Raonic brought on former World No. 1 John McEnroe to his coaching squad.

Action begins at 6:30pm IST!

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